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Jack In The Box

Al Norris

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  • 6 months later...

A shout out for one of my all-time favourite reads: Jack in the Box.

Its the fifth in a pentiad of stories but, you can jump into this: half completed tale, by just reading Sudden Storm first. 

Better still read The Quarry first and you'll get a good feel for whether JITB is for you. For me there's nothing out there quite like it for its depth of characters, sense of community, humour, and overall charm.

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Not a problem Bard. I just merged the two threads into one. So, it's really all good.

What I will say is that no one has ever read the complete story. Back in 2002, some stuff happened and there where only 30 some-odd chapters posted. We have all 59 chapters and they will be presented, one chapter a week on the Thursday update. Today (Apr 2), chapter 26 will be going live.

Sudden Storm gives us the back story to Michael Waters. But the two main characters from The Quarry are supporting characters here. Throw in various characters from Tales of the Quarry and Falling Off a Log, and you have the pentiade.

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