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Chapter Post Date for Library Section?


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Would it be possible to have the date added when a chapter is submitted to the Library section of the site?

For most of the stories you could find this by reading the updates. However having this on the Libary section under each chapter would be nice when you are reading a story so that you can get a feel for how quickly an author is writing and how soon another chapter may be posted. I know I personally like to know "Ok, well this author posts an update about every week and it has been a week since he last posted, I'll check back here in a  week". That sort of thing at least. And I'm sure there are others out there who do the same. Having this sort of thing would make it a lot easier to find than to have to search through past updates to figure it out.

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Speaking as the webmaster/programmer, I can say that your feature request is unlikely to happen in the short term.  Simply because right now, we don't have the information to begin with.  It's just not in our system.  It's also non-trivial because it'd require a redesign of several parts of the site.


Long term, we may decide to re-address this.  In fact, I'd even agree it's a good idea.  But it's going to have to wait for version 4.0 -- or at least 3.1 or so.  And to be blunt, I just don't have the time to do that much work right now.  I don't have enough time for my paying work, much less my paying work and my writing.  With a perfectly working site in place, I am not interested in spending more time doing Yet Another Major Overhaul.  Not happening.  Just... not.  And I'm the only professional programmer the team has available right now.

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