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The Day the Earth Came to Life Writing Contest!!

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It has been eight weeks since the shaking started. At first no one, even the media, took much notice. Three score of earthquakes rippled across the globe all in the span of 96 hours. Only two deadly, yet all were enough to cause some damage and or things to fall off shelves. Then came a rash of bigger ones, 19 total in 16 days, all with enough power to cause structural damage and fatalities. The press reached out to experts, no one had answers. The general scientific communities' consensus was it was a statistical hiccup, nothing more.

Six more sizable ones hit the following week, followed by nearly four hundred with enough power to dislodge things and make news reports worldwide. This was followed by ten  more all above 5.0 along with hundreds of smaller tremors in areas well outside the tectonic boundaries. None of these did major damage, but no one felt safe. It was as if the earth was building toward something major. Then an 8.7 hit off the coast of Algeria sending damaging waves across much of the  Mediterranean. Hundreds of ships capsized and thousands were killed on land and sea in dozens of countries.

World leaders met to discuss the situation. Task forces of leading geologists were formed, and governments world wide went on alert. Then it stopped just as quickly as it began.

Three weeks of relative calm with only normal tremors recorded allowed people to breath easy. Life went back to normal for most, but the geologist lead task forces tried to warn that this could be the calm before the storm.


They were right…

April 19th 2019: the day the earth came to life writing contest!


All submissions must be sent into the PR group at castlerolandpr@gmail.com no later than Sunday April 14th at midnight.  This way they can be posted on the forums on Friday the 19th.

No more than about 40,000 words.

Scoring will be done by the forums members only, who are given a number of questions for them to score the stories on.  High scores will win.

Top three stories will be featured on the website.  Any / All remaining stories will be featured on the story site in six months.

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here is some motivation for you a list of earthquake movies with links to wikipedia. Enjoy

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