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Important News Reports?

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PBS News-hour - 5:00 am EDT:

Scientists at SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, have stated that a series of intermittent sunspots with solar flares, began erupting from the sun's coronasphere early yesterday morning, Pacific Daylight Time. Associated with these flares were some CME's, Coronal Mass Ejections, of modest size.

The unusual activity during this solar minimum, the time that the sun is least active, is not expected to continue much longer, if at all. Scientist say that there is nothing to worry about, though, as flares like this happen all the time.

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BBC World News

Special Bulletin- 10:00 am GMT:

Scientists from the Royal Astronomical Society have released a statement stating a group of  sunspots accompanied by solar flares, began erupting from the outer edge of the sun few hours ago. Associated with these  solar flares are what the scientist call, Coronal Mass Ejections or a piece of the sun's surface.

While this is unusual for the sun’s current phase, Dr. Harkens of the RAS has stated. “This is nothing to be concerned with,  we do not expect the activity to continue much longer, if at all.”

Dr. Harkins is the director of solar science at the RAS.

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CBS Morning News - 6:30 am EDT:

If you were out and about at 3:10 am this morning, you would have been witness to a solar event, as your eastern sky would have suddenly brightened to almost full daylight intensity, that lasted almost 5 seconds.

NASA says a large solar flare occurred at that time. Since the flare was "aimed" at the earth, for a very short time it made the sun appear to be much brighter than it normally is.

Solar scientists are telling us not to worry, however. Solar flares happen all the time, but are rarely in a direct path to the Earth. Because this flare was directly in our path, it just seemed to make the sun brighter.

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CBS Noon Report - 12:00 pm EDT:

We have an update to that Solar Flare we reported earlier this morning. Scientists from NASA are now saying that the flare was accompanied by a large Coronal Mass Ejection: A portion of the sun's atmosphere was ejected from the surface. They assure us that the CME, as they call it, posses no danger to the earth, as it will mostly miss our planet by a few million miles.

Scientists are telling us that we will see an increase in the northern lights, possibly as far south as New Jersey, Ohio and Oregon. Best time to view this will be in the early hours, an hour before dawn, tomorrow.

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Oval Office, White House, 1:30 pm EDT:

"Mr. President. The latest information is that the Earth is now in the direct path of the CME. It has been determined that it will strike our planet at approx. midnight, GMT - about five and a half hours from now.

"It's going to be a mean one, Mr. President. They are saying that it is 30% more energetic than the 1859 Carrington Event or that near miss, back in 2012."

"Simplify that for me, General."

"Yes sir. In a nutshell, the entire world's electric grid is about to be destroyed. Include in that, every piece of electronics is going to fry."

"What are we doing to mitigate the damage?"

"Not much we can do. We've sent out instructions to every electrical generating plant in the US to power down and disconnect their generators from the grid. We don't know if they have the manpower or the time to accomplish this. All nuclear facilities have been instructed to scram their reactors. All Navel surface vessels have been ordered to head for the deepest water they can get to in the next 4 hours and eject their cores. Our Submarines have been ordered to dive to a depth of 150 ft, at a minimum... The electrical and EMP effects will not reach that depth.

"We've also instructed the FAA to immediately ground all flights.

"Right now, Mr. President, we are instituting the Continuity of Government Protocols. It is expected that this event will last 5 to 7 days."

"All right gentlemen, we don't have enough time to warn the public. At this stage it will only create mass chaos and death. There will be plenty of that, after the event. All national guard are now federalized. Get as many of them as we can, mobilized. Martial Law now exists. After the event, all NG Commanders are to restore as much order as they can. Looters should be shot on sight, etc."

"You mean Operation Deathstarkiller, Mr. President?" His National Security Adviser asks.


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The Harper Household, Cocoa Beach, FLorida, 4:07 pm EDT

When Jimmy Harper's Mom called, he was surprised to learn that neither of his parents would be home this evening.  They both work at NASA and have worked regular hours for many years running. She was not sure when they would be home, but it might not even be tonight. He was asked to make something for dinner for he and his little brother, Thomas. Being 13, he had never been "in charge" of the house for any extended time before. He wished he had remembered to ask what was going on, but the situation was just too unusual to fully comprehend. Plus she seemed to be in a hurry.  For some reason, she closed by asking him to go buy a lot of bottled water, as much as he and Thomas could carry.

He thought, "I hope everything is okay." Then he shouted, "Thomas, what do you feel like for dinner? Mom and Dad are going to be late, and I gotta cook something." Thom shouted back that anything would be fine. Deciding he had time, Jimmy did what any young teen would do, pulled back out his smartphone, opened Twitter, and sent:


J Harps @JDH_Space_

It's weird. My parents both work at NASA and they called and said they may not be home tonight.  Is the world ending or something? 🙄


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ABC Breaking News Alert - 6:20 pm EDT:

An unconfirmed NASA report that has been leaked to the national news media is saying that the Coronal Mass Ejection that was reported earlier today, was mistakenly classed as a low-level event. This new information, if true, asserts that the CME, as they call it, will strike the Earth at approximately 8:20 pm tonight. That's 8:20 pm Eastern time.

According to the report, this event will cause major electrical malfunctions and may damage many electronics.

Our research staff suggests that everyone unplug all electrical devices in your houses and offices to avoid the possibility of electrical fires. Our staff feels that this event will pass quickly.

Meanwhile, we at ABC will attempt to verify the document and will keep you all informed of any other things you might need to know before the event happens.

Stay tuned to this station for further updates.

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CBS Breaking News - 6:25 pm EDT:

Officials at CBS News have now learned that the President and his cabinet have been taken to undisclosed secure locations in preparation of tonight’s worldwide event.

CBS now believes that this action validates the leaked NASA document that has called this solar event a Near Extinction Level Event.

We turn now to our Chief Science Reporter, Mr Michael Andreason, to explain what is about to happen and how you may prepare for this earth shattering event....

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The Harper Household, 6:30 pm EDT

"Holy shit!" Jimmy had just turned the TV on and watched a few minutes of news about the upcoming solar event. "Thomas, get down here NOW. We got to go to the store! Bad stuff's happenin!"

Thom came down from the upper half floor where the bedrooms were. "What's going on?" Jimmy let him know about the Sun and how this event could hurt millions of people. "This must be why Mom and Dad can't come home right now. I don't know what they're going to do against frick'n solar flares, though! Anyways, we gotta go get some water and food that don't need to be kept cold. Stores might not be open for a long time, and we gotta get there before they close."

Fortunately the Publix grocery store was only two blocks away. And Thomas still had his wagon in the garage. He probably hadn't had it out in over two years. "I feel kinda dumb pulling this old red wagon. You know I'm nine, right?" Jimmy replied, "You like to have water to drink?  Food? We gotta get any survival stuff we can get! This is really bad, Thom, and being a little embarrassed don't even count as a problem right now."

The store was crowded, but not crazy-panicked crowded. Yet. All the regular bottled water was gone, but they still had lots of gallon-size distilled-water cartons. They also picked up bags of beef jerkey, Twinkies (... if anything is going to survive an apocolypse ...) bandages, anything that looked like it might be useful and they could fit in the wagon.

No one was at the checkouts. Jimmy saw the manager, Mr. Pearson, just sort of in a daze. "Hi kids. Just take it. It doesn't matter, just take it. I have a really bad feeling that money won't be much good tomorrow. In fact, all the employees are going home in half an hour to be with their families. We are moving everything out from the back room so folks can easily get what they want. We're leaving the door open when we leave. It would just get busted open anyways."

"Geez, Mr. Peason, I hope you and your family are going to be okay.. Leaving the door open makes a lot of sense!"

As Jimmy and Thomas were walking home, thick clouds had begun to form in the sky. Florida weather is often unpredictable, but these clouds had come from nowhere. They were thick and getting thicker. "Spooky. Really spooky. Jimmy, I'm scared." Jimmy gave his bro a quick hug. "So am I. Let's get home and hope Mom and Dad make it home before hell gets here."


J Harps @JDH_Space_

A couple hours ago I jokingly asked if the world was ending. ... I hope not, but it might come close. Be safe. ✝🛐✡☪

"That's strange," Jimmy thought, "I never used religious emojis before."

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FoxNews Alert - 6:40 pm EDT:

Ladies and Gentlemen, fifteen minutes ago, the ABC News team followed rather quickly by CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC, made what we would call a completely irresponsible broadcast to report on, what for all intents was an End of the World Pronouncement. All in the name of being able to scoop the world in news reporting.

We at FoxNews did not participate in those broadcasts, simply because of the fear and panic we felt would follow such news.

Sadly, it seems our worst fears have been realized. Reports are now coming in from just about every major city worldwide that riots have broken out.

Here, in the US, police and even National Guard are shooting rioters and looters on sight. Hundreds, if not thousands of people, are being killed or put in harms way, because of the irresponsibility of those networks.

Folks, there is nothing we can do, at this stage of events, to prevent what will happen. All we can do is to hunker down and hope that this is not as bad as the reports say it will be.

If you haven't already, unplug all electrical devices. Turn all your breakers off. Pull all the fuses in your fuseboxes. Fill your bathtubs and any other safe containers full of water to use for drinking and cooking. Lock your doors and stay inside and pray.


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June 23, 7:30 pm EDT, via a worldwide radio and video broadcast:

"Am I on? Yes? Ahem...

"People of the world, my name is James Diebold. I am an astronomer and atmospheric scientist for the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration. I am the man who leaked the documents to the news agencies of the world, when it became known to me that the various governments were not going to inform their citizens of what is about to happen.

"As you know, several hours ago, a massive solar flare erupted on the surface of our sun. Many of you saw this happen. You may have also heard that a large coronal mass, a piece of the sun itself, was ejected from the surface and that it will hit the Earth in something like 30 minutes from now. What has been kept secret from you, is that this mass, when it reaches and impacts the Earth, is so powerful that it will fry the entire electrical grid of the earth. Very few, if any, electronics will survive this solar storm.

"Essentially, this is going to throw the entire first and second world countries back into the early to mid 1800's. This event will last anywhere from five to seven days, if our calculations are correct. That being said, should you attempt to turn on or activate any surviving electronics, they will be fired, until this is over.

"It is going to take years to recover from this catastrophic event. Whole industries will have to be rebuilt, just to make the tools to make many of the things we take for granted today. Many of us, will never see this recovery. Many millions, if not billions, of you will die before all is said and done.

"You all deserve to know the truth of what is about to happen.

"I only pray that we learn our lessons and rebuild a better world than the one that is about to die.

"For what little time we have left, I will take any questions now."


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