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Chapter 10 - Nitpicking Details


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I’m loving the story, even if it seems a bit far fetched. Some things I brushed aside, such as the timing for their PhDs.  But I always feel best when most elements are at least plausible.  That’s why I thought I would mention that Audi did not sell cars in the US until 1970.  You have the boys buying a new one in 1967, which would have been impossible.  Great choice of car though!  I look forward to the next chapter.

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When I graduated from high school in 1968 I had an older sister who was graduating from college. Her roommate was the daughter of a diplomat in D.C. and she had an Audi to drive. I grew up in a town close to one of the biggest Air Force bases of the time and seeing foreign cars around was not unusual, so it never occurred to me when I wrote that section of the story that the Audi car mentioned was two years early on the market. Mea Culpa. Art West

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