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The Music in the Painting

JP Caballero

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This new author has a gentle sense of humour. His first two principal characters have indicated by their names an interesting sense of the cosmopolitan: Goedelic and Brythonic Celt and Flemish/Dutch in one, and a thoroughbred Highlander in the other. They may make good music, pun intended. Mendelssohn, perhaps! Or Vaughan-Williams? I think I like the way Juju has started this out. It has the interesting potential of being able to go in any number of ways. It teases with promise. 

That is the mark of a good first chapter. Thanks Juju.


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My apologies gentlemen, I've been remiss.

I wish to thank Al Norris for his efforts on my behalf in getting my story more exposure.

Also thanks to Adam Knight for the kind feedback.

I owe a lot to another author here who mentored me and encouraged me to keep at it when I felt like it was hopeless to continue. His name is Andrew Foote and his stories have given me a lot of enjoyment, even when they made me cry.

I also owe tremendous thanks to my long suffering and patient Grandfather who was my technical advisor in all things to do with detective work and other era related details.

Thanks to them and anyone who takes the time to read my story.  Juju

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