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Between the Shadow and the Soul by Jason MH

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Between the Shadow and the Soul by Jason MH (Gay Authors).

Any story that deals with difficult themes is going to be variously loved and hated. From the third chapter (first interlude) there are some “dislikes.” Why? Because a figure from our protagonist’s past, who has obviously impacted his life in a way that he is still trying to come to terms with years later, is introduced. And this person, referred to as The Fiend, is both a predator praying on teenage boys and the father of our main character's best friend. Convoluted this story most definitely is. A gay man living with his straight best friend, finding himself faced with reliving his own past.

It is very well written, which makes it easy and enjoyable to read. Give yourself a break and take a look: https://gayauthors.org/story/jason-mh/between-the-shadow-and-the-soul/

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