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Halloween Story #1

Al Norris

Story #1  

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Behind The Mask

Terell lay in bed with his eyes closed wishing that he could fall asleep. His mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that prevented him from drifting off into slumber while thunder and lightning howled outside, creating an eerie feeling in the air on this dark and gloomy night. He wondered what it all could mean and how he was supposed to deal with it. He didn’t know if he could or should talk to anyone about it or try to figure it out for himself. It’s not like it would be a normal conversation to have and he didn’t even know how he would bring the subject up.

Ever since he had hit puberty, some strange and unusual things had been accidentally happening. Several times he found himself either heating or freezing his drinks; creating or diminishing small fires; enhancing or decaying the growth of plants and flowers; levitating objects; and the most recent one, hearing random thoughts of others. However, the biggest surprise came when he realized that he was doing it all with his mind. He had no idea how he developed these abilities or what he could become of them. Not only that, but his hormones were beginning to make their presence known as well, and was telling him something that he wasn’t ready to hear so he suppressed them. That was a lot for a young twelve year old to cope with, and it was driving him bonkers with indecision. He failed to realize that things were only going to get even stranger and more unusual as time goes on.

When he slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom to drain his bladder, he shivered from the chill that left goosebumps on his body. After washing his hands, he looked at his reflection in the mirror and smiled. His milk chocolate complexion complimented his coal black hair perfectly due to his heritage of being half Jamaican and half American in which he named Jamairicans. His sky blue eyes which would either lighten or darken depending on his mood always captivated everyone’s attention when they looked into them. His muscles were developing nicely due to the workouts with his father which sculpted his body to perfection. He has a tight and firm upper body with a forming six pack abs and great definition. He also has a small waist and strong legs with a tight and firm bubble butt that made all of the girls, and most of the guys drool. Still he felt like there was something missing and he couldn’t figure out what that was and it left him confused and wandering on the road of life trying to find the answer.

Sighing in frustration, he headed back to bed to try once again to get some sleep. Before climbing in, he took a moment to glance at his best friend’s illumination in the moonlight, being careful not to wake him. The two were having their usual sleep-over and it was Terell’s weekend. It’d started when they first became friends that they would alternate in spending every other weekend at the other’s house. It gave them equal time to spend with both families including some alone time with their own. Little did he know; Dorian was also in the same situation in having some trouble falling asleep as well. Similar thoughts and emotions were going through his mind and he too didn’t know what to do about them. From time to time he found himself sensing and changing people’s emotions; communicating with animals without saying a word; subconsciously conjuring up spells; and healing small cuts and bruises before anyone had the chance to notice them on his body. Just like Terell, he too was wandering that same road of life, trying to comprehend it all and his hormones weren’t making it easy for him.

They both knew that this stage of their lives would be difficult, but they didn’t expect the full effect of what they were now going through. Neither boy thought that his friend would understand when he barely understood it himself. It had them both feeling alone with no clue on how to get through it and no one to turn to for help. They considered going to their parents, but fear kept them from taking that route and still looking for that exit off the road.

Suddenly, a loud thunder roared which nearly caused them to jump out of bed from being startled by the sound. Subconsciously, they moved closer together for comfort and support without alerting the other of movement in the bed. An hour later they were still trying to get back to sleep with no success. It was around three in the morning when they finally drifted off.

*** *** ***

Two years later...

I’ll see you guys later.” Charmaine Wilson told the two boys before turning up the sidewalk to her house.

Okay,” Both boys called out as they continued to the end of the block to cross the street chattering like only two best friends could do. “Man does that girl have a crush on you!” Dorian teased his friend playfully.

I know, but we’re just friends and nothing else.” Terell responded with complete honesty. “I mean, she’s hot and all, but she’s not really my type. I want someone with more than good looks, a nice body, intelligence, and a sense of humor. I also want someone who can hold my interest so the relationship will last. How about you? What’s going on between you and Michelle Kirkwood?”

Just then they reached the corner and waited for the light to change. “Nothing, although I’m sure that she’s hoping that there will be.” Was Dorian’s cautious reply, hoping that he wasn’t giving away his true excuse. “I guess I’m in the same boat as you. Michelle and I have a few things in common but not enough for her to hold my interest. I want someone with whom I can shoot the breeze with, even if we’re just sitting around with nothing to do. I don’t have that with her; which has my mind wandering most of the time whenever I’m talking to her.”

The light changed at that moment and they crossed the street. They both pondered on what the other had said and what it could mean for them if they were to confess their feelings for their friend. Both boys were ninety-nine percent sure that it wouldn’t end their friendship; but it was that one percent that was holding them back from doing so. Being confused on the other’s preference and wanting to keep their friendship intact had both boys completely befuddled on what to do about their feelings that was becoming more difficult to ignore.

As they continued walking, they both reminisced on when they had first met back in the seventh grade when Dorian’s family moved into the house across the street from Terell’s. On the first day of school, Dorian asked Terell if he could borrow a pen and Terell handed him one from his notebook. When their hands made contact, a shock went through them both like they had never felt before. They were immediately caught off guard by the magical energy that passed through them when they looked into each other’s eyes and it completely sucked them in like a magnetic vacuum. Neither boy could comprehend the significance of that exchange or what it could mean for them in the near future.

Instantly, they became friends which quickly grew into being best friends who were inseparable. That had the whole neighborhood speculating on the closeness of their friendship because it had never seen anything like it before. They were like two peas in a pod and closer than any brothers could be. Where you found one, you always found the other not too far away. Now at the age of fourteen and in their first year of high school, puberty is playing havoc on their hormones that have their bodies and emotions demanding some attention. Now their feelings towards their best friend were developing into something much deeper. Something that neither boy had expected and had never told the other.

The rest of the walk home was done in complete silence while mulling over their little discussion. As usual, Terell’s mother had a snack waiting for them when they arrived which they quietly ate still in deep contemplation regarding their relationship. She could tell from the silence that their minds were elsewhere, so she just carried on with her preparations for dinner, choosing to let them figure it out for themselves. She and her husband had always noticed the closeness between the two boys and how they had gotten even closer ever since Dorian had moved in with them after the tragic loss of his parents and little sister a year ago. They had suspected for a while now that the boys were more than just good friends, but agreed to let them come out to them when they were ready and support them in any way that they could.

When they were done with their snack, the boys went up to their respective rooms to do their homework. They wanted to get it out of the way so they would have the night free to do whatever they wanted to. Plus, they needed something to take their minds off of their dilemma so they wouldn’t overanalyze things and get even more confused. When they were finished, they played some video games until they were called down to dinner.

Come and help me set the table boys.” Christine called from the kitchen.

When they entered, she handed Dorian the plates and silverware to take to the table then handed Terell a bowl of broccoli smothered in cheddar cheese. It was hot so he sat it back on the counter to put on some oven mitts to carry it. A minute later he returned for the platter of lamb chops and his mother grabbed the bowl of mashed potatoes along with the gravy boat. Dorian was just finishing laying out the place settings and Terell’s father was filling glasses with ice for their raspberry ice tea when they entered the dining room. They all took their seats around the circular table with Terell’s parents facing towards the kitchen and the two boys facing the opposite way. Christine told them to dig in and they all started filling their plates.

The two boys’ silence was now beginning to worry Derek and Christine so Derek decided to take the initiative. “Christine and I want to talk to you boys about a couple of things.” He told them as he scooped some mashed potatoes onto his plate. Christine had informed him of their earlier demeanor and what might be the cause of it when he got home and the two of them discussed what they could do to help them.

Suddenly both boys were worried. The tone in his voice made it clear that he was telling them and not asking. When they looked over at Christine, she nodded in agreement with her husband and they instantly knew that both adults were working together on this and there was no getting out of the discussion whatever it may be about, although their intuition was screaming it in their faces. With a little trepidation, they reluctantly nodded in acquiescence and resumed filling their plates.

Derek waited until everyone had started eating before beginning. “I’m guessing that neither of you had told the other about your special gifts, but it’s no secret to neither Christine nor I. We both have known for quite a while now that you would develop some unusual abilities once you entered puberty. The reason why we know that is because we both have some abilities of our own, and so did your parents, Dorian.”

Both boys froze in shock with their forks midway to their mouths. Ever since their powers had manifested, they felt different than everyone else. They thought that they had to keep it a secret so no one would think they were weird and/or crazy. Neither of them suspected that someone else, much less the other and/or their parents would also have powers. Now they were hearing that there were others and they weren’t alone. It made them angry at not being told sooner or given any guidance on how to use them. If they had, then maybe they would have had a much easier time with developing and controlling them.

Christine could see the anger on their faces and tried to defuse the situation. “I can see that you’re angry that we haven’t told you this sooner, am I right?” That snapped the boys out of their stupor and they nodded as they finally consumed the food on their forks. “There’s a good reason for that. We wanted your powers to fully develop before we talked with you. We know that you have some powers but we don’t know what they are.”

What do you mean you don’t know what they are?” Terell interrupted with a confused frown on his face. “Wouldn’t we have the same powers as our parents?”

Not exactly,” Derek replied after swallowing his bite of food. “You may have inherited our abilities, developed your own, or have a combination of both. Not everyone has special abilities, and those who do, have abilities that are best suited for their attributes.”

So what you’re saying is that because I’m more level headed and smarter than Terell, my abilities will be more mental than physical?” Dorian asked as he scooped up some broccoli and mashed potatoes onto his fork. “No offense Terell.” He added before taking the bite.

Terell nodded in acceptance of the apology. “And because I’m more athletic and better built, my powers will most likely be more physical than mental?” He gave his friend an apologetic look who returned the acceptance.

I guess you can look at it that way.” Derek replied as he stabbed a piece of lamb chop. “Although I’m sure that you both have a combination of both physical and mental powers. That’s why I have you working out with me, and Christine is tutoring you. You need to be intelligent and in great physical shape to do whatever it is that you’re doing at night.”

Once again both boys were stunned at what they were hearing! They had no idea that Derek and Christine knew that they were sneaking out. They always made sure to be quiet when they did, but now they could see that they weren’t as quiet as they thought. That had them wondering what else Derek and Christine knew about them. Seeing the surprised look on their faces, Christine explained to them about hers and Derek’s ability.

In a way, our abilities are similar to yours; whereas mine are mental, Derek’s are physical.” Seeing the questioning look on their faces, she elaborated. “I’m empathic and telepathic and so was your mother Dorian, as well as being able to control water. I can read minds and feel what other people are feeling, whereas Derek has advanced senses. His smell, hearing, sight, etc. are superior to a normal human. He also can do some magic and so could Dorian’s father. We use our powers to keep track of you boys to make sure that you are safe but don’t interfere in whatever it is that you’re doing.”

For the third time in less than thirty minutes the boys’ eyes went wide in surprise. They couldn’t believe what they were being told and how it could help them with their own abilities. They also wondered if Christine knew... no, they weren’t going there! They can freak out over that later, but this was the time to learn more about their abilities and have some of their questions answered which could be beneficial to them.

Why don’t we finish dinner before it gets cold and then continue this discussion in the living room.” Derek suggested. “I’m sure that you boys have a lot of questions running through your mind and we’ll do our best to answer them.”

The boys nodded in assent and they finished eating then had dessert. Once the leftovers had been put away and the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher, they all gathered in the living room. Derek and Christine sat on the loveseat and the two boys sat on each of the overstuffed armchairs. Both adults knew that the discussion was going to be a little bizarre but they now realized their mistake. If they’ve have had this discussion with them sooner, then maybe the boys would probably now be able to understand the changes that they were going through. They were sure that the boys had a lot of questions and they were going to do their best to answer them.

Once they were all comfortable, Derek began the discussion. “Now boys, Christine and I realize that you probably have a lot of questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. Why don’t we start with you telling us what abilities you have?”

The boys looked at each other and Terell gestured for Dorian to go first. Dorian glared at him in playful annoyance then turned back to Derek and Christine. “I can control animals and do magic. I think I’m empathic, although I’m not absolutely sure of that yet.”

Both Derek and Christine nodded in understanding then turned to Terell to get his. “Whereas Dorian is empathic, I’m telepathic but I’m not completely sure either. I can also control all of the elements and have advanced senses.”

Let’s start with the telepathy and empathy first since they’re similar in relation.” Derek said and then turned to Christine since it was her area of expertise.

Christine asked the boys if they could feel other people’s emotions and/or read their minds, each other’s, and/or a combination of both so she would have an idea of where to begin explaining that ability. Terell told her that he could read other people’s mind including theirs, but not Dorian’s. He explained that he learned how to create mental barriers to keep him from reading other people’s thoughts but it wasn’t necessary for him to do that with Dorian. Dorian was automatically blocked from Terell unless he was really concentrating on it, or they were touching. Dorian stated that it was the same for his empathy although he had never used it on Terell with Terell saying the same regarding his telepathy.

The reason why you can’t read each other’s thoughts or feel the other’s emotions is because you also have what is called twin telepathy and empathy. That’s an ability between two people who share a strong bond in what is known as the concept of a soul-mate. Physical contact like holding hands while sending and receiving thoughts and emotions will help develop and fine tune that ability. The more you practice with it, the stronger it will get. In time, you will be able to do it no matter where you are or how far apart you are from the other.”

At the mention of the words soul-mate, both boys’ eyes popped wide open. Here was someone telling them what they had suspected was true for themselves for the past year but weren’t sure about the other’s feelings. Now the truth was out in the open, and they were surprised but ecstatic at the revelation. They would have to talk about that soon but now wasn’t the time. Now they needed to learn more about their abilities and how to control them before they accidently hurt someone.

So, what you’re saying is that at first we have to be touching in order to communicate with each other empathically and telepathically, but over time it won’t be necessary because the ability will be strong enough for us to do it without any physical contact.” Dorian asked for clarification.

Correct.” Christine answered. “The link between you both needs to be strong for that ability to be fully developed: As with your other powers, they too will strengthen with practice and control. You will also find some pleasurable activities in using that ability but I’ll leave those up to you to discover on your own.”

Both boys blushed bright red at that comment. Despite the seriousness of the conversation, Christine was letting them know of her awareness of their feelings for one another and had no problem with it. They secretly thanked their lucky stars for having her and Derek as parents and guardians who were open minded. After explaining a little more about those two abilities, she instructed Terell on how to use his ability to control water. Twenty minutes later, she thought they had enough additional info to fine tune their skills and talents. They could always come to her for any assistance later if they needed to.

Now hold hands and practice using your link to communicate with each other. The sooner you strengthen that link, the better you’ll be able to work together in combat situations.”

With a little apprehension, the two boys did as they were told. It took a minute or two but they were soon feeling a twinge of emotions coming from the other. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to make a connection.

<Can you hear me?> Terell sent as he searched Dorian’s eyes for a response.

A few seconds later he received one. <Yeah, but not too clearly. I have to really concentrate on it because it sounds like you’re far away. How about you? Can you feel the emotion that I’m sending?>

<Barely, it feels like you’re wearing gloves or something, making it difficult to tell. I think we should keep holding hands to strengthen the link. You never know when we will need it.>

<I agree: In fact, I think we’re going to need it sooner rather than later. If I understand what they’re trying to say correctly, some trouble is heading our way.>

<You caught that as well?> Dorian nodded with confusion on his face. <Can you sense what it is?> Terell asked with some concern in his voice.

<I’m not sure. I’m getting some weird feelings but I don’t know what it is or where it’s coming from.>

<Then we better strengthen our link quickly because I’m picking up some weird thoughts but I can’t pinpoint where they’re coming from either. I don’t think we should tell them anything until we know more about it and where and/or who it’s coming from.>

Dorian nodded in agreement and they focused their attention back on Derek and Christine while still holding hands. Not wanting to overload the boys with too much data at once, Derek called for a break to let it all marinate in their minds. He and Christine went to get them some drinks while the boys absorbed the new information that they had just received. When they came back, Derek took over in their lesson. He began by teaching Terell how to use his advanced senses in any situation. He taught him when and how much pressure to apply in using his strength to cause the appropriate amount of pain and where to find certain pressure points on the body that would be the most effective. Next he gave Dorian some tips on magic involving both light and dark energy. He coached him on how to cast spells and deflect them as well as sharing some of his own that may be useful. In addition, he explained how some, if not all, of their abilities could be used together for better results. Terell listened closely as well so he too could improve on his magical skills.

We can’t really teach you anything about your other powers because we don’t know much about them. That’s something that you’ll have to learn on your own. You seem to have developed more powers than we had expected and I’m sure you will develop more as you reach your full potential. Don’t hesitate to come to us for any assistance and/or advice regarding anything. We’ll always be here to help you out whenever you need it.”

The two boys consented with a nod which was returned in acceptance. “Now, on a different note,” Derek continued. “It’s no longer a secret how you feel about each other. The link is proof that you belong together and nothing can change that. Where you go from now is entirely up to you; but Christine and I want you both to know that we’ll support you in whatever you decide to do.”

Is this link positive, or could it be a mistake or missed signal?” Dorian asked with some reservations.

It’s completely valid, permanent, and unbreakable.” Christine answered with one hundred percent certainty. “Like I said before, it only develops between an individual and their soul-mate. If you two weren’t destined to be together, then there would be no probabilities of the link developing.”

Terell looked at Dorian with some fire in his eyes. <Why are you fighting this? You feel the same as I do so what’s the problem?>

Dorian felt his anger and conveyed a feeling of comfort to calm him. <I just don’t want to ruin our friendship by getting involved and realizing later that what we’re feeling now isn’t real. I don’t think I could handle it if I lose you and what we already have.>

Derek and Christine watched with smiles on their faces as the boys communicated telepathically and let them finish their conversation.

<You won’t be ruining our friendship by taking the next step. In fact, we’ll be making it better. Our link will let the other know what we’re thinking and feeling with no deception. We don’t even have to talk out loud which will make it easy to keep things between us private with no interference from outsiders. But if you really want to keep our relationship as just being friends, then tell me now and I’ll drop the whole thing. The decision is up to you.>

There was no need for empathy for Dorian to feel Terell’s love and affection for him. He could see it in his eyes along with feeling it in his honesty of their relationship. It vanished all of his fears and doubts and he took comfort in that reassurance. He had always admired Terell’s confidence and leadership in tough and unfavorable situations. Terell was making his intentions clear but wasn’t forcing him into doing anything that he was not ready for; but he still needed something that would completely convince him.

<Will you do something for me first?> Seeing Terell nod his head, he continued. <Will you make me a promise that you’ll never leave me? I need to know that we will always be together and nothing will come between us.>

The desperate plea in Dorian’s voice and emotions nearly broke Terell’s heart. <I swear on my life that you’ll never lose me. I’ll always be there for you whenever and wherever you need me.> Imparting more affection into the link, he added to his oath. <We’re soul-mates now and forever. Nothing will ever come between us because I won’t allow it!>

Dorian felt the truth of Terell’s commitment through their link and in the strength of his mental voice. He relished in that strength and swore the same solemn oath. Both boys could feel their link getting stronger as they continued staring into each other’s eyes. Unknown to them, but not to Derek and Christine, a faint glimmer of golden white light coalesced around them. They watched in amazement as the light grew brighter the longer they held contact until it was virtually blinding. No more needed to be said between them; they both could feel the link rapidly reaching its fullest potential as they silently pledged their eternal love to one another. Once the light had diminished, the boys looked at Derek and Christine with genuine smiles on their faces.

Christine couldn’t help giving them a little playful tease. “I guess there’s no longer a need for you to strengthen that ability is there?” Both boys just kept smiling not taking the bait. “Do you have any questions to ask or have you learned enough for now?”

Terell raised an eyebrow at Dorian who nodded in affirmation at his unasked question. “I think we’re okay for now but may have some questions later.”

And we’ll be here to answer them.” Derek assured them. “Now I need you boys’ help with bringing the boxes of Halloween decorations down from the attic so we can put them up.”

The boys nodded and followed Derek up to the attic. It didn’t take long for them to find the boxes because they were still where he had put them the previous year but he made no attempt to pull them out. Now he wanted to discuss another aspect of the link with the boys that would have been very awkward to discuss in front of a lady.

Boys, there’s something else about the link that you need to know.” He paused to make sure that he had their full attention before continuing. “The final stage of the process is sharing yourselves with one another to completion. Only then will the link be fully formed and totally unbreakable until one or both of your demise.”

Both boys blushed majorly at Derek’s insinuation, although due to his darker complexion, it was harder to see on Terell than it was for Dorian. They didn’t know what to say to that or if they even should say anything at all. Not even destiny was going to let them deny their infatuation for each other and was making it perfectly clear to them. There was nothing that they could do about it even if they wanted to; to which they didn’t. They both had dreamt about doing something together many times, but never thought they would have the opportunity.

Seeing the blushes on their faces, Derek took pity on them. “When and how you take care of that is your business. I don’t need or want to know how you do it. You’re both mature and intelligent enough to know what you like and don’t like. All I ask is for you to treat each other with love and respect and make it memorable for the both of you.”

With that, Derek ended the discussion. He started pulling out boxes and handing them to the boys before grabbing the last two for himself. When they got downstairs, they started sorting it all out when suddenly; Terell and Dorian froze in place. Derek began to ask what was wrong when both boys dropped what they were doing and bolted out of the house passing Christine who was entering the living room. She raised a quizzical eyebrow at her husband, but he just shrugged his shoulders in puzzlement and continued on with his task. She then tried using her power to track them and received a big surprise when she could only touch the surface of their psyche but could still follow them. She didn’t know what to make of that unexpected discovery and concentrated a little harder. Either the boys’ link prevented her from doing that now or they quickly found a way to block her. She shook her head in amazement and headed back to the kitchen to check on the pies while making a mental note to discuss it with Derek at a later time.

Meanwhile, the boys were quickly running in a full-out sprint. They had no clue as to where they were going, but they knew that they have to get there fast. They let their powers guide them to their destination while also scanning the area for any potential danger. They sensed Christine following them at the periphery of their psyche and gave each other a grin of amusement but completely ignored it as they ran on.

Dorian was amazed at how he was keeping up with Terell’s pace. He wasn’t as strong or athletic as him, but he was no slouch either. At 5’4, he was an inch shorter than Terell’s 5’5; with black hair and bluish green eyes. His dark tan gave him the appearance of a Hispanic-American: but he’s actually part Brazilian and part American: which he calls Braziricans. His muscles are smaller than Terell’s, although not by much, but are equal in definition. Whereas Terell has a six pack, Dorian has a four pack that goes well with his small waist and firm bubble butt, which Terell thought was his best feature. In his mind, Dorian was the most attractive boy in the world and the feeling was reciprocated tenfold by Dorian.

A short time later they came to their destination to find two sixteen year old boys beating on a boy who couldn’t have been any older than ten or eleven. The sight made their blood boil in rage at not only the cowardness of the older boys but the brutality as well. Without a second thought, they jumped in to help the kid out. Bullying was something that neither boy would tolerate one iota and the whole neighborhood knew it.

They kicked out; knocking the two boys off of the kid and onto their backs. Dorian checked and healed the boy’s injuries while Terell stood between them and the two bullies preventing them from doing further harm to him. Healing was another aspect of Dorian’s abilities that neither Derek nor Christine knew about; much like Terell’s ability of pyrokinesis. Their arrival completely caught both bullies off guard but they quickly recovered. They started advancing on the ones who they believed made a big mistake by meddling in their business. Slowly, they approached with confident smirks on their faces, ready to dish out some more pain. This gave Terell the chance to recognize them as George and Gary Simpson, twin brothers and the two biggest bullies at school and in the neighborhood. They had every kid scared of them and running in fear whenever they were near. Terell and Dorian however weren’t one of those kids and always stood up to them which totally pissed them off to no end.

<Hurry up there bud, we have trouble with Tweetle-Dumb and Tweetle-Dumber.> Terell warned his soul-mate through their link.

<I’m almost done. Just a few more seconds.> Dorian sent back without breaking the progress on his work.

Terell used his telekinesis to stop George and Gary’s advancement which was all the time Dorian needed to finish up. Unknown to them, the brothers also had abilities which they used to break the hold that surprised Terell for a moment. But by that time, Dorian was standing by his side ready to do battle. Taking a defensive stance, they waited for the confrontation that they knew was forthcoming.

When they were close, both brothers swung out with a right hook. The only problem was that they telegraphed the maneuver which Terell and Dorian spotted immediately. They ducked to avoid the blow and delivered a hard punch to both boys’ stomach which was left wide open. Both boys keeled over in agony which put them in position for Terell and Dorian to deliver a knee to their face and once again knocking them onto their backs and taking another defensive stance to await the next move.

Off to the side, the young boy watched in astonishment as his two saviors moved in unison to take down his attackers. He’d never seen anyone stand up to the two bullies before, and now here were two boys whom the bullies outweighed by at least forty pounds, and have six inches of height over them, holding their own against them. It was poetry in motion and truly amazed him.

Regaining their footage, both twins charged at the two rescuers. The frustration and anger at not having beaten them to a bloody pulp yet were evident on their faces. Still Terell and Dorian remained calm and collected. Derek had taught them well in compartmentalizing and dealing with the aftermath once the danger was over and everyone was safe. They blocked another attempt at their heads and countered with one of their own that sent the bullies staggering back a step or two. They followed up with a leg sweep putting them on their backs for the third time then giving each a kick to their ribs. Finally, with George and Gary still on the ground, Terell and Dorian delivered a haymaker that knocked them out cold.

Standing up, they brushed the dirt from their hands and clothes and turned to the boy they had just rescued. He was standing there totally speechless with eyes as big as dinner plates. They approached him slowly with friendly smiles and a relaxed posture so he wouldn’t be afraid of them.

Hey there little dude, are you okay?” Terell asked in a friendly voice.

It took a moment for the little boy to regain his composure enough to answer. “I think so. It doesn’t hurt so I guess you got here just in time.”

Good. Can you tell us your name and where you live?”

My name is Joey Bishop and I live with my uncle.” He then pointed to the house down the street from where they were standing.

Hi Joey, my name is Terell and this is my best bud Dorian.” He gestured towards him and got a nod in confirmation. “What are you doing out here this time of night? Shouldn’t you be home getting ready for bed or something?”

I was actually on my way home from the park when those boys jumped me. My uncle gave me permission to go after dinner since I had no homework.”

<What should we do about this?> Terell asked his mate telepathically with concern. <He’s obviously not telling us the truth because I can hear his thoughts about his uncle not giving a damn what he does as long as he doesn’t get in his way.>

<Yeah, and I can detect a feeling of unloved and loneliness in him as well. I’m not sure what we can do except let him know that we’ll be there for him whenever he needs it. Let’s walk him home so we’ll know that he’s safe. There’s no telling when these goons will regain consciousness.>

<Yeah, you’re right. We can talk to mom and dad about it when we get home. I’m sure they can give us some advice on what to do.> He broke the connection and focused on Joey. “Joey, let us walk you home so we’ll know that you’re safe. We don’t want you outside when these guys wake up because they’ll be really angry and will take it out on you.”

Joey nodded in acquiescence and led the boys to his uncle’s house. When they were standing on the porch, he thanked them for rescuing him, which they graciously accepted, then told him to call if he needed their help again. He started to say that he didn’t know their number or address when he heard Terell’s voice in his head.

<You don’t need that Joey. Just call for us in your head and we will hear you clearly.>

Joey’s eyes popped open in surprise! He didn’t think something like that was possible but here he was witnessing it firsthand. He began to wonder if he was actually hearing what he thought he was hearing, simply going crazy, or if they were playing a Halloween trick on him, but Terell’s next statement dispelled him of that thought.

<You’re not crazy Joey and we’re not playing a trick on you. It’s possible but not everyone can do it. I can, and so can Dorian through our link, but not as good as me. It also works the same with his empathy. We know what you were thinking and feeling when you were telling us about your uncle because you were thinking about it really hard. So just concentrate on our names and we’ll hear and feel you.>

Joey gave it a try believing that it wouldn’t work. <You mean like this?>

He was stunned when he got a reply. <Exactly like that. See, I told you it was possible. Just call for us when you need help and we’ll come running. We’ll always be keeping an eye on you. Won’t we bud?>

Dorian smiled down at the boy. <Sure we will. Just do what Terell said and we’ll be right there.> He also conveyed a feeling of certainty and reassurance with the words, getting a smile of gratitude from Joey. <You better get inside now where it’s safe so we can get home.>

Joey gave them an appreciative hug which they gladly returned. He then went inside and watched from the living room window as they took off. One second they were there, and the next they were gone. For the umpteenth time he began wondering if it was all real or if he had imagined the whole thing. Just then, he felt them in his mind reassuring him once again that it was real. He felt comforted and wanted by that and he silently promised to keep their abilities a secret. The thanks that he received from them both made him smile even wider.

It didn’t take the boys long to get back home. Derek and Christine were in the living room watching television while waiting up for them. After joining them, they told them about Joey and asked for their guidance on what to do about it. Derek told them that there wasn’t really anything they could do until they knew more about the situation. They might have to read both Joey and his uncle’s mind to make that decision. All they could do for now is to keep their promise and be there for him when he needs them. The boys thanked Derek and Christine for the advice, said their good nights, and then headed up to bed for a peaceful sleep, except their sleep was anything but peaceful.

*** *** ***

***Beginning of dream***

The room felt cold and malevolent as the two figures searched for what they came for. Everything was in color but there was no sound. After a short discussion of staying safe, they separated with one checking another room while the other stayed behind. Moments later, one mate lost connection with the other.

He rolled out of the way just in time and saw a hideous creature ferociously snarling at him. It was some kind of inanimate beast with glowing eyes and sharp teeth. The beast slowly advanced forward preparing for the attack when he spotted an object. He used that object to get a lucky strike at the beast’s head that only stunned it for a moment. On his second attempt the beast managed to get a strike on him that sent excruciating pain through his body and split the object in half. The beast then charged forward pinning him down and aimed at his throat with its razer-like teeth. They struggled for a bit and the beast was about to tear out his throat...

He felt someone and/or something sneaking up on him and quickly ducked out of the way. At the same time he kicked out with one foot and connected with what felt like a kneecap that sent his foe to the floor screaming in agony. He stood up and looked down to see who it is when he was hit in the back of the head by something solid.

He was lying on a table in a dimly lit basement with two figures standing over him. They were using some sticky foul smelly substance to write something on his naked body. Their faces were obscured from vision and their voices were nonexistent. Taunts were thrown back and forth as the two figures worked but not a sound could be heard. Across the room was another figure tied to a wooden cross with the individual’s identity also hidden from recognition. Somewhere else in the house was a fifth presence searching for the room to rescue them. Suddenly, a flash occurred and one of the figures left the room to check it out; leaving the other to finish the preparations...

The two teams of two fought like Batman and Robin versus The Joker and Mr. Freeze with neither side getting the upper-hand. Both sides were formidable opponents, but one side lacked control of their emotions and it weakened the power of their abilities. Finally, one side got the upper-hand and had the other two backed up against a wall. Seeing their chance to finally end the fight, the two figures out in the open, summoned an ability filled with an extensive amount of power that would assure their victory. They sent it at their opponents and there was a blast of light...

***End of dream***

*** *** ***

Both boys shot straight up in their beds with their eyes wide open from the vision. Their bodies were shaking uncontrollably and they were drenched in sweat. They haven’t gotten the full aspect of the dream to know the significance of it but they had gotten enough to worry them. After taking several deeps breaths, they finally calmed down enough to try to get some more sleep.

They woke the next morning feeling tired and disturbed by their dream and what it could mean. It didn’t go unnoticed by the two adults but they forewent asking any questions. Even Charmaine and Michelle noticed as they were walking with them to school and were a little peeved that their attention was somewhere else and not on them. No matter what they said or did, the boys barely paid attention or participated in the matter.

What the girls didn’t know was that the boys were communicating privately through their link. Their dreams were giving them some anxiety and they were trying to figure out the significance of it before it came to pass. They had no clue as to when or where it would occur, or who would be involved, but they knew that it would be soon. However, both boys recognized that their dreams were partly similar and partly different from one another’s in events. When they arrived at school, they separated from the girls as their lockers were in a different section. After exchanging their books for the ones they needed, they headed for their homeroom. It was still some time before the start of school so they continued their telepathic conversation. During the remaining five minutes, they checked on Joey and found him still asleep but okay.

Throughout the day they stayed on alert, especially when the Simpson twins were in close proximity. They both were aware of their continuous glare of evil intentions towards them but they didn’t let it affect them. During the break, Terell caught a brief conversation between the brothers and their dad who was one of the tenth grade science teachers and Dorian caught the emotions behind that same conversation. They imprinted it to memory for a later discussion with Derek and Christine. Whenever they had some spare time, they contacted Joey to see how he was doing which brightened up his day after every `chat. During lunch, they were more attentive towards the girls, but still weren’t a full participant in any conversation, which irked the girls even more. By the time school was over; they were ready to go home and get away from all of the teenage antics. Normally they probably would have joined in with some of them, but today they just weren’t in the mood.

After they had consumed their snack, they did their homework before putting up more Halloween decorations. They knew where Derek wanted them to go because that’s where they found the boxes. He had started on it the day before, but didn’t get very far, and it was just what they needed to keep their minds occupied and off of their nightmare. By the time Derek got home and dinner was ready, they had the house halfway finished.

Dinner conversation that night started out light with everyone discussing Halloween. Halfway through the meal, Christine asked the boys about their day at school which opened the topic they wanted to talk about. Both boys gave them an explanation concerning their suspicions about the Simpson twins and glimpses of the conversation that they had with their father during school.

I think they were trying to block us but aren’t powerful enough to maintain it.” Terell theorized. “I’m pretty sure I can overpower them if I try, but I didn’t think it was necessary. I caught enough to grasp the gist of the conversation.”

Yeah,” Dorian agreed, “and I caught the evil intentions behind it. Those guys are plotting to hurt someone bad, and I think I know who it might be.” He then explained his theory to them. “This means that Terell and I need to stay on alert so we can stop them before anything happens.”

Just make sure that you boys are careful and call if you need us.” The alarm was apparent on Christine’s face and in her voice. “I don’t want anything happening to either of you. There’s no telling how far those boys will go to get what they want, including taking drastic actions.”

Both boys promised that they would, which calmed her tensions somewhat. The rest of dinner was spent in casual conversation about mundane things. However, the boys were mentally strategizing a course of action against their biggest adversaries. After clearing the table, putting away the leftovers, and loading the dishwasher, the boys along with Derek resumed putting up the decorations. They had just finished when everyone sensed some distress in the air. Suddenly a cry of terror struck the boys’ mental shields.

<Help me! Someone please help me!>

Immediately they recognized it as Joey and reached out to make contact with him. <Joey, its Terell and Dorian. Can you hear us little dude?>

A long agonizing minute later they heard a reply. <Thank god you can hear me! Please help me guys. They’re planning on doing some horrible things to me and I can’t get away.>

Dorian asked who he was referring to and where he was being held. Just like the day before, their eyes burned with fire when they heard the culprits’ name and the location of his place of captivity. At the boys’ insistence, Joey described as best as he could what his captors have in mind for him, further infuriating them. Combining their telepathic and empathic abilities, they took over Joey’s neural pathways to scan the area for anything that might be helpful to them. The total blackness had them quickly realizing that he was blindfolded which prevented them from seeing through his eyes so they pulled back. Giving each other a silent nod in agreement, Terell assured Joey that they would save him while Dorian explained the situation to Derek and Christine. Afterward, they went up to their rooms to get ready.

Five minutes later they came back down dressed in dark clothing that would help to camouflage them from prying eyes. Christine doesn’t approve of the goth look, so Terell had on a dark purple t-shirt and Dorian a dark blue one with a black zip-up hoodie over it. They both were wearing black jeans, shoes, and under armor batting gloves for better gripping and extra protection. Over their shoulders was an old book bag that contained necessary tools and necessities like a unique set of lock picks, flashlights, spare batteries, a set of Phillips exchangeable screwdrivers, a compass, duct tape and rope.

They had just rejoined Christine in the living room when Derek came in behind them carrying two small boxes. He handed one to each boy then just stood there waiting. They opened them to find a gold digital watch with leather wristband. Both were identical in functionality but designed to suit the wearer’s personality. They display the date and time, function as a stopwatch, and are water resistant.

These may look like ordinary watches boys, but in actuality, they are much more than that.” Derek informed them. “They have been fitted with tracking and communication chips as an extra precaution when you’re out on missions. Christine and I have one as well. The tracking chip will give us your location no matter where you are. The one for communication will keep you in contact with us if you should ever lose or damage your phone.” He then showed them how they work.

They thanked him as they put them on then picked up their book bag. Derek then pulled one boy into a hug with Christine doing the same with the other one before they switched. She also gave them the motherly speech to be careful and come back safe. Once all of the embraces had been given, Terell used his telepathic power to scan the area while Dorian used his ability with animals. Once they had locked onto Joey’s location, they clasped hands and used the eyes of a neighbor’s dog to teleport from the living room and appeared in the woods behind the house where Joey was being held.

Dorian leaned down to scratch behind the dog’s ear causing his tail to wag wildly in contentment. ‘Thanks for your help buddy. You can return home now.’

The dog acknowledged the command with a bark and headed home. Terell smiled lovingly at his mate and gave his hand a gentle squeeze that made Dorian blush. He returned the gesture; adding a smidgen of lust with it, getting a wink from Terell that turned his face a darker shade of red. After getting himself back under control, they scanned the house for Joey’s presence. They sensed him in the basement and silently crept towards the backdoor while keeping themselves obscured by the darkness.

While Terell picked the lock, Dorian kept a lookout for any sneak attacks. In no time he had the door open and they stepped into a dark old-fashioned kitchen with modern appliances. A cold malevolent feeling ran through them that sent chills down their spines. Once again they clasped hands as they carefully looked around for any sign of danger or hidden traps.

<I don’t like this! Something is definitely not right here but I can’t detect what it is.>

Dorian tried to hide his trepidations from Terell but failed miserably at it. Terell didn’t need their link to know that his mate was scared because the tight grip he had on his hand and the fear in his voice gave it away. He gave Dorian’s hand a comforting squeeze, hoping that it would calm his nerves. He knew that the message had been received when he felt Dorian calming down and the tension leaving his hand.

<I know, I’m getting the same feeling as well. Let’s just find Joey so we can get out of here and back home. Stay on alert and call me if you need me.>

He leaned over and gave Dorian a quick kiss on the lips. Dorian’s eyes glazed over which put a smile on Terell’s face and he couldn’t help but to give another one. Not wanting to drift completely into fantasy land, Dorian shook his head; bringing himself back to the here and now. He stared directly into Terell’s eyes with a mixture of genuine love and terror.

<You do the same and come back to me safe and sound, you hear? I just got you and I’m not ready to lose you! I want to spend a long and happy life growing old with you.>

After another quick kiss, the two boys started searching for the door to the basement. They had only taken a couple of steps when Dorian spotted two small orange glows which quickly disappeared. One minute they were there, and the next they weren’t. He warned Terell of it as he carefully searched the room for it with the attempt to determine its species.

Terell had gone ahead to search the living room when he’d received Dorian’s message. It was enough to warn him of something sneaking up on him. Rolling out of the way, he barely missed a lunge at his head and came up on his knees. He quickly spun around to find a ferocious beast with glowing eyes growling menacingly at him. It wasn’t a dog nor a cat, but a combination of both, and looked to be the size of those mix-breeds between a dog and a wolf. It was made purely of solid glass and have wicked claws and razor-like teeth that looks sharp enough to tear through human flesh with ease. The heat radiating off it and the symbols inscribed on it; told him that this beast was strong and intelligent, which made it very dangerous.

*Jesus Christ! What kind of demented mind could create such a butt-ugly and awful smelling animal like that?!* He thought to himself, but had no time to come up with an answer.

With lightning speed, he jumped to his feet and stood back in a defensive posture. He looked around the room for something to use as a weapon without taking his eyes off of the creature. Slowly the beast started advancing on him ready to attack when he spotted a poker above the fireplace no more than ten feet away. The only problem was that the creature was between him and the object which prevented him from reaching it. Too focused on staying alive, it never occurred to him to use his telekinesis to teleport the poker into his hands.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Dorian was still looking for the two glowing orbs when warning bells started going off in his mind. On mere instincts alone, he spun around and dropped into a crouched position and nearly missed a blow that was aimed at his head. Swiftly he kicked out and connected with his assailant’s kneecap and followed it with a leg sweep that knocked him to the floor. He then quickly got to his feet and readied himself in case of another attack. Looking down, he recognized the person writhing in agony from the blow as George Simpson. He wondered where his twin could be when he was suddenly hit from behind by a blunt object that knocked him out cold.

Terell felt Dorian drop out of their link and knew he was in trouble. He could sense him still somewhere in the house but had no clue as to where. Right now though, he had his own problem to deal with that he needed to focus on before he ended up as puppy chow. He continued looking around for a weapon as the beast proceeded towards him when he bumped into the wall and knocked something over. Still keeping his eyes on the hideous creature, he looked down to see a baseball bat lying on the floor and smiled at his good luck.

Just as the beast lunged for him, he used his telekinesis to transport the bat into his hands and swung with all of his might. He hit it in the muzzle which stunned the beast long enough for him to prepare for another attack for which he didn’t have long to wait. The beast lunged again, but this time, instead of going for a bite: it swung a paw out that sliced through Terell’s arm and left a deep cut. At the same time; the bat once again connected with the creature’s muzzle, forcing it to step back to avoid another blow.

Sheer pain went through Terell’s arm that nearly caused him to drop the weapon. Seeing the beast dazed by the blow, he used that opportunity to run for the poker. Unfortunately for him, the beast was quick to recover and once again charged at him. Reaching the poker, he pulled it from the mantle and quickly spun around to face his adversary. He hoped that this time he would take it down, only to realize too late that he had swung with his injured arm that was still holding the bat. The beast bit right through the wood; splitting it in half like it was nothing then continued with its attack. Soon Terell was being pinned to the floor with the beast trying for a kill bite. Fortunately, he still had enough strength in that same arm to keep the beast’s head elevated which prevented its incredibly sharp teeth from accomplishing its task. However, he knew that his luck wasn’t going to last much longer. Sooner or later his strength will wane and the beast will finish its job.

In a desperate need of urgency, Terell wiggled the arm that was being held down from under the beast just as it was inches away from ripping out his throat. He then gave one mighty stab upward, sending the poker straight through the chest where he presumed the heart would be and out the other side. He then twisted it back and forth to create a bigger whole and to insure that it wouldn’t recover. The beast howled in anguish at having its heart pierced, but it was barely audible as life drained from its body. When he was sure that it was dead, only then did Terell pull the poker out which left the beast collapsing on top of him. He shoved it off, stood to his feet, then brushed himself off. A simple hand wave over himself had the blood and saliva from the creature disappearing from his clothes. At that moment he also felt Dorian’s presence reentering their link and he breathed a sigh of relief. Taking out his phone, he called for some backup that he may need. He gave a brief but detailed explanation of what was going on before hanging up and setting off to find his best friend and lover.

Regaining consciousness, Dorian opened his eyes to a peculiar sight. He was strapped down to a table with George and Gary Simpson standing over him, using their fingers to paint some symbols on his body with some sticky foul smelly substance. He could sense one more person in the room and he knew that it had to be Joey, but that wasn’t the bizarre sight that caught his eyes. What did catch them though, were the twin’s appearances. Instead of seeing two young well-built teens with blue eyes and blond hair, he saw two boys in their early fifties with white hair, aging eyes, and a few wrinkles, but amazingly still well-built.

Just then one of them, he couldn’t tell which one, noticed that his eyes were open. “Ah, I see that you’re awake. Too bad it won’t be for long. I think I would really enjoy some time having fun with you.”

He gave Dorian an evil sardonic smirk that sent chills down his spine. Dorian knew that they were trying to scare him, and it was working; but he wasn’t going to let it show. He could sense Terell searching for him and it gave him some comfort. He just has to find a way to distract them to give the love of his life some time to find them. Once they were together again and they had Joey safe, they could finally deal with these two delinquents of society.

Too bad for you I’m not down with the granpy scene.” He taunted with amusement. “The swirl is more to my liking and old vanilla isn’t one of my flavorings. I’m more of a chocolate mocha with a twist of red hot kind of guy.”

Just as he felt the hatred coming off of them, he felt Terell eradicating their negativity and filling him with love and affection. In addition, he also felt a sense of relief and safety coming from Joey at the sound of his voice. It reiterated his promise in doing whatever it takes to aid Terell in getting them out of there and putting a stop to their madness.

Then it’ll be my pleasure to tell you that there won’t be any more special alone time together.” The other twin smirked deviously. “I’m sure that your friend had been taken care of by now and all that’s left is a huge mess for us to clean up.”

He continued smirking at Dorian, expecting to see a reaction, but got none. Dorian knew that Terell was okay so their taunts were ineffective against him. The anger continued to rise behind his emotionless mask just waiting to be unleashed and they were the perfect targets for it. He used their taunting as an opportunity to think of some spells that would help in getting him out of his predicament. By now, he had identified which twin was speaking by the sound of their voices, which should work in his favor. He could see in their eyes that him being nonresponsive was really getting to them and it made him smile on the inside.

What? No smartass comeback this time?” George, the first twin, copped an eyebrow in sarcasm but still Dorian gave no response. “Well, it really doesn’t matter now, does it? Soon we won’t be able to shut you up and the sound will be music to our ears.”

The tone in George’s voice exuded complete confidence in their success. It worried Dorian a little until he heard Terell encouraging him to hold on and he’ll save them. It reinforced his conviction to keep fighting and stop the two deviants from succeeding in their demented plans. He can’t and won’t let Terell and Joey down no matter what. Even if it means giving his life to do so!

Outside, a squad of vehicles came to a screeching halt. Derek and Christine jumped from one and started towards the house but were stopped by the officer in charge. “I want you both to wait here while we go and check it out.” They glared at him in confusion and a bit of anger which didn’t faze him at all. “I mean it! Wait here and let us handle it.”

You can’t expect us to just stand here and do nothing Max.” Christine stated firmly. “Those are my boys in there and we need to get them out. There’s no telling what those two psychopaths are up to.”

Lieutenant Maxwell Jones sympathized with their situation, but wasn’t about to let them put themselves in harm’s way. “I understand that Christine; but you need to let the professionals do their job and bring them out safely. We can’t do that if we’re worrying about keeping you guys safe as well.”

We need to be there Max.” Christine pleaded. “How would you feel if it was Randy and Kaylah that was in there? Could you just stand around and do nothing while not knowing if they’re okay?”

The fury in Lieutenant Jones’s eyes told Christine that she’d said the wrong thing. “Don’t bring my children into this Christine! I thought we were better friends than that! We can’t bring the boys out safely if we keep looking over our shoulders to make sure that you’re safe as well. You’ll just be in the way and slow us down.”

Although Christine didn’t like it, she understood where he was coming from and complied to his order with a bit of trepidation. Derek wrapped an arm around her shoulders for comfort as they watched Max approached the house. They had a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs that it wouldn’t be easy for them to get in but didn’t tell them that. Their powers were unknown to the community and they’d like to keep it that way.

After several failed attempts, the officers stood in a group discussing what to do next. Ringing the doorbell went unanswered and so did knocking. Picking the locks would be useless since it was a deadbolt and none of them were experienced at it. The only option they had left was to kick it in and hope that it would work. The others stepped off the porch to get out of the way while Max stepped back in a stance. Using a fireman’s maneuver, he kicked out and connected with the door. Suddenly, a flash sent those standing close by flying backwards flat onto their backs.

Derek and Christine rushed over to make sure that everyone was okay. They breathed a sigh of relief when they found a strong and steady pulse on each one. A moment later they all began regaining consciousness and slowly sat up grabbing at their throbbing heads.

Lieutenant, what the hell was that?” One of the officers groaned.

I don’t know.” Max grumbled, still waiting for the pain in his head to diminish. “Some kind of electric shock I guess. But whatever it was, we’ll have to find a way around it if we want to get inside.”

Everyone got back to their feet to converse on what to do now. They started throwing ideas back and forth, trying to come up with a solution, but having no success. Unknown to them all, the flash alerted the occupants in the house of their arrival.

It looks like your friends have arrived.” George grinned with a demonic gleam in his eyes. “Too bad they won’t make it through the door in time to save you.” He then instructed his brother as he turned to leave, unaware of their other foe in the basement. “You finish up here while I go and take care of whoever that is.”

<Mom, Dad, George Simpson is heading your way.> Terell sent as he stepped from under the staircase but remained hidden.

<Leave him to us.> Christine sent back. <You boys just take care of Gary and get Joey out of there safely.>

Terell assured her that they would as he looked around for Joey. With his advanced sight, it was easy for him to find Joey on the other side of the room tied to a wooden cross. Gary was too focused on his preparations to even be aware of his presence and Terell used that to his advantage. In an instant, he was standing in front of Joey and untying him while whispering soothingly to him that everything will be okay. After giving him a quick but thorough exam, he transmitted to his parents that he was teleporting Joey out to them. Seconds later Joey vanished and Terell focused his attention on his current enemy. Just then, he heard the ending of the twins’ evil plans.

Once the spell is cast, it will drain you of your spirit, therefore absorbing your powers as well. Then we’ll have fun torturing Joey before finally draining his spirit and forever living eternally young and unstoppable.” He hackled deviously. “We never thought we would ever catch a special one; but here you are, and you will be the key to our success. How honored you must be feeling.”

Anger blazed in Terell’s eyes and his blood boiled over. With a wave of his hand, he sent Gary flying into a wall. He then ran to Dorian’s side and studied the ropes that were holding him down. “Are you okay?”

I’m fine.” Dorian sighed in relief. He can breathe easier now that his love was there. “Don’t worry about the ropes; I can untie myself. You just take care of that scumbag.”

Terell gave him a good luck kiss then went to deal with the matter at hand. Dorian closed his eyes to concentrate on a spell. It may have taken a second or two, but he soon had one that he thought would work.

I lay here confined but prisoner I’ll not be
Now these knots will loosen and set me free

So I can aid my mate and fight without the gloves
Against our arch menaces here below and the one above

They will see and feel the might of our powers
And they shall go down in these darkest hours

Give us the strength and agility to fight and protect
Everyone in the community and all of the rest

Good will always triumph over evil and come out on top
It’s our duty and responsibility to see them drop

Instantly the knots slackened and he was able to slide his hands free. He had just gotten loose when he heard footsteps rapidly coming down the stairs. Gary had also recovered by then and was now facing off against Terell who had just deflected a fireball when George came bursting through the door. He spotted Terell and focused his rage on him. “What did you do to Brutus?”

That atrocious hideous creature actually had a name?” Terell asked incredulously. He’d never thought that the two brothers were playing with a full deck of cards; now he can see the proof. “You two are completely nuts!”

That just enraged George even more. He charged at Terell just as Gary sent another spear. Only this one was pulsing with energy instead of fire. Dorian whispered a single word “reverso” and the spear rebounded back in their direction just as Terell used his telekinesis to send them both flying into a wall. Then the two lovers stood there waiting for the next strike while telepathically discussing a way to end the battle and get back home.

They didn’t have long to wait as the brothers quickly recovered and attacked, which set the order of combat. Terell will take care of Gary which left Dorian to deal with George and put a stop to their demented and diabolical activities.

After sending several more fireballs their way, both twins rushed forward in an attempt to deliver a solid punch to their abdomens. Instantly, Dorian put up a force shield that made the harpoons ricochet off his barrier. Next to him, Terell used his elemental ability to absorb and reflect the harpoons back at their adversaries. They followed that up by ducking into a low crouch position and swept the twins’ feet from under them before quickly jumping back into a defensive stance.

Now the two brothers were beyond enraged and lost all sense of control. They came at Terell and Dorian throwing punches left and right hoping to make their conflict short and sweet. However, once again the boys showed that they were formidable opponents and not to be taken lightly. They matched both twins punch for punch; kick for kick; power for power; and ability for ability. For a while neither side gained the upper-hand until a streak of good luck came the boys’ way.

They were backed against a wall when the twins sensed victory within their reach. Just as they were about to try for a right-cross pulsating with electric energy, Dorian spotted two metal shields hanging on the wall above. He quickly pulled them down and tossed one to Terell while keeping the other one for himself. With their recently developed link, it was easy for them to sense the other’s plan and synchronize their moves.

By some twist of unknown fate, they brought the shields up just in time to avoid impact which resulted in the twins coming in contact with the shields. That contact reversed the force of the blast and shifted the pulsations to attack the senders instead of the recipients. The twins’ bodies shook and shivered with every pop and crackle when electricity met metal. The pulses were so strong that it overpowered their neural system, which prevented any part of their bodies from sending and/or receiving messages. It seemed like hours to Terell and Dorian, but was actually only minutes when the two bodies finally shut down from overload and fell to the floor. With a sigh of relief, the two boys gave each other a loving smile. It was all over and they both were alive and safe. More importantly, so were Joey and everyone else in the neighborhood. At that moment it also occurred to them that this was the full extent of their dreams that were giving them anxiety.

*** *** ***

Halloween night Terell and Dorian joined Derek and Christine in hosting their annual haunted house extravaganza. They even found a way for Joey to participate in it as well. Ever since the Simpson twins had abducted him, the three boys had become very close. No matter how busy Terell and Dorian may be, they always find time for him and Joey looks up to them much like a little brother does to a big brother. All three boys enjoy their bonding experience together and always look forward to the next time.

Sitting at a table at the entrance of the garage dressed as Batman and Robin, sat Terell and Dorian. It was Terell’s job to collect the coupons from the arriving trick-or -treaters; and Dorian’s to hand out the treats to the departing ones. These coupons, designed and printed by both boys, permitted entry into the haunted house and the treats which consisted of bags of chocolate-covered cherries, packages of two orange Twinkies and cupcakes, Rice Krispy treats with chocolate chips and/or peanut M&M’s, and caramel and candy apples. All treats were made by Christine and the boys. Those treats, a metal box to put the coupons in, a pitcher of lemonade as red as blood, and their glasses were on the table. Dorian had just handed some treats out when he glanced over at Terell. In the yard was Derek and Christine dressed as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein, along with Joey dressed as a green goblin, welcoming those who attended.

But Dorian’s mind was only on one person. As he looked lovingly and adoringly at his boyfriend, he started to fantasize about him as a real superhero. But, instead of Batman; he imagined him as Elementalboy because he has the ability of elemental powers. He was so engrossed in his fantasy that he wasn’t even aware that he was broadcasting it. If he had, he would have noticed Terell looking at him with a huge smile on his face. He had picked the image up through their link and was enjoying the show.

It wasn’t until he had finished the fantasy when he realized what had happened. That’s when he noticed Terell smiling at him with a gleam in his eyes. It made Dorian blush with embarrassment as he turned away from the object of that fantasy. It was meant to be private, especially the ending, which was quite vivid and explicit. Terell sensed his embarrassment and broadcasted his own fantasy. Only his portrayed Dorian as the superhero called Stuwartboy because of his ability to control animals. That actually made Dorian feel better enough to look at him again because Terell also conveyed his love and affection for him through it as well.

<Maybe we’ll make the ending of that fantasy a reality tonight.> The smile never left Terell’s face as he gave him a wink. <Besides, you’ll have to do some recalculating. You were a little low on the mark there.>

Dorian’s eyes shot wide open in surprise. <How low?>

<You’ll have to wait to find that out.> He gave him another wink. Then picking up the pitcher, he headed into the house through the side door leading into the kitchen via the garage. <I’m going inside for some more lemonade.>

<Wait, wait, wait, you can’t leave me hanging like that.> Dorian pleaded. <How low was I? Terell, Terell, how lo...?>

Terell just ignored him and continued on into the house leaving Dorian peeved but excited. He couldn’t wait to find out how low he was and how much he would enjoy finding it out.


***The End***



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