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Let's talk English!

William King

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I like to read/encourage new/young writers and when discovering what they have written I can be pleasantly surprised by the imagination and creativity that has been put into writing a story. But... there is a way of writing English today which put simply is incorrect.

- Tonight, the building’s staff has been completely left in charge to me. -

Are children taught English Language as a part of their education? As I recall we always had two subjects concerning English, English Language and English Literature. It jars to read a story where the author seems to lack the basic comprehension of the use of a preposition, probably doesn't even know the word "preposition." So let me refer all you budding young authors to this short article which explains the use of "of," "to,' and "for." I never thought there would be a need for something as simple and integral to speaking/writing English as this, but obviously there is.


Lesson two will deal with jumbling together past and present tense when writing your book... I am not too sure if I'm joking!

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I had heard this anecdote before, but I remember it from Designing Women, when Mary Jo talked about being at a posh cocktail party in New York. She said, "I didn't know anyone there so I tried to start a conversation with the woman beside me. I asked her, 'Where are y'all from?'

She said, 'I'm from a place where we don't end our sentences with a preposition.' 

'I looked at her and said, So, where are y'all from... bitch?'"  

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