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what's the deal?


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It's a good question, to which I don't have the answer, but which prompted me to wonder if as an author I waited long enough between chapters, it would be a sure to get a comment sooner or later... lol.

Let's hope one of the RU authors can give you a more serious reply.

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Dante, my fellow long suffering and long waiting reader of Revolutions Universe (and other universes too) stories.......I asked precisely the question you are asking now about nine months ago. I was accorded the reply that all the authors were poised with pens, pencils, quills and felt tips aquiver and full of muse-driven enthusiasm (Admittedly I may be mildly paraphrasing here) after having taken a long time off TO REBUILD THE WEBSITE. 

Well, the website is now long ago rebuilt. 

I think people have Comicality disease. As a surgeon I never begin an incision on one patient before I've finishing suturing my previous one. There's a Comicalitity story a student of mine began when in high school. He's still awaiting its denouement and his son is beginning 3rd grade in September! This isn't writing. It's playing with the emotions of putative and erstwhile readers. And it turns young readers off reading because they no longer trust writers to fulfill their half of the bargain. 

There is a simple rule I set my sons and it is one my Grampa set me. It is very basic. Finish what you start. If you can't for any reason, at least apologise and explain why. But never simply walk off the job. 

Dante, I hope things get better. Please don't judge all authors by the ways of some. There can be many reasons for delay. I do feel though, it would be reasonable for authors who wish to see stories held "in progress" to give reasons (as Arthur has, for example) if this period is  beyond a modest time.


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7 hours ago, Adam said:

I think people have Comicality disease

That made me laugh... but what's the cure doctor? I and many others have talked to Comicality about his unfinished stories, twenty-eight, last time I checked. I've never read any of them and wouldn't start because I'm pretty sure I'd be dead before he was anywhere near the final chapter. He has been writing for twenty years or more, but it's slow progress which he says is because he just writes a chapter here and there as the mood takes him and if you don't like it, don't complain to him, he doesn't want to hear your objections. That should really be stated up front and kept in a different section of the library - famous never to be completed works!


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I apologize for taking so long to reply. Yes we know the Revolutions Universe stories get posted at an agonizingly slow pace.  I am sure if you dig deep enough you will find this topic over and over again. Unfortunately it’s just the nature of writing and reading Universe stories. The stories are so intertwined that one set back can throw the writers back months. One plot issue between two stories can make 4 or 5 authors have to review and rewrite whole chapters. And the writers have to wait on each other as real life issues slow them down. If one author has a major life event and isn’t able to focus for a little while it throws the rest of the authors into a holding pattern. Yes we all agree we owe it to followers to keep going and not quit. We will always do our best to keep the story moving as best as possible. The current issue is we are right in the middle of planning something really big but we have to figure out how to get every element to line up perfectly to make it happen.

We know it’s frustrating and for that we apologize, it’s frustrating for us as well. All we can do is ask for patience. We will always do our best 

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