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What’s happening in the world
of online Gay books and stuff.


Michael Arran is bringing us another book in his series set in the non-existent imaginary world of Rothenia – which actually seems very real to me, if a little heavy on the Germanic names. But what the hell, it’s a distinct breath of fresh air from the usual boy x boy romance, blah, blah, blah. However, well written those stories may be, a book that features the Eurovision song contest , and ABBA, gets me interested. Did I mention the Gay Olympics? Check it out over on AwesomeDude.

Henry grinned. ‘I forget you’re a Yank sometimes. The “Gay Olympics”. A high point for everything camp across the Western world … well, apart from your corner of it. You’ve never heard of the Eurovision Song Contest?’

‘Er … nope. Don’t have Eurovision in the States, and I thought I had a handle on all the major networks.’

‘Well, Eurovision’s not exactly a network as such. It’s a sort of union of European broadcasters. They pay dues into central funds and get together for the odd event, and the oddest of them all is the Song Contest. C’mon, you must have heard of ABBA? They have to be on every gay man’s playlist.’

‘Yeah, course.’

‘ABBA made it big by dressing up in satin and sparkly boots and winning it for Sweden back in … er, 1970 something. Way before I was born anyway. You should talk to my mum. She’s a fan. Not only that, she can tell you every winner and every British total score since well before she had Ricky.’


There's another story I’ve gotten engaged with, and yes it’s one of those boy x boy things. A new author, protégé of Cynus. Sean English brings us a harrowing tale of an American boy escapes to England and... you need to read it. Written with a unique style and a very good rendering of a budding relationship, overcoming traumatic past events, burgeoning love. It’s realistic, although for  Brit like me, I have to take it as given that these fictional events might be close to reality in America.
It’s some seven chapters into serislisation on the story lover, When Shadows Past, you’ll have some catching up to do.


Elliot sat in thought, wondering if there was more behind Jason's questions than was apparent. He knew, or rather felt, Jason was hiding something. Whatever it was, he knew it was hurting him, from the inside. Elliot just wished he could understand it, at least enough so he could try and help. Elliot, however, glanced at his cousin, and thought about how much they were becoming more than friends. His heart ached, but at the same time he understood. He just hoped his cousin understood how he felt, too.

Jason turned away from the window and saw Elliot watching him. In another surprise, Jason smiled and moved his knee to bump with Elliot's own.  Elliot's heart skipped a beat, as he realized it was the first time his cousin ever did something like that on his own. That simple act conveyed a lot to Elliot. Maybe, just maybe, there could be something good developing between them after all. Elliot wanted Jason to know, more than anything, that he was there and wanted to help. Slowly, Elliot met Jason's fist midway between them and neither pulled away immediately. It was no longer a simple act of friendship.

They were becoming something more.


And here on the Castle, Linden Weztser has brought The Family I Never Had, just started publishing. You can put this story alongside the previous, same category, same type of story. As a welcome Linden’s first chapter has attracted some criticism. Guess you should read it for yourself and see what you think. It’s well written. Elements of the story theme are classic, with the vehicle of a super rich protagonist playing it’s part.


Coming back to super rich protagonists brings me to another story just now completed over on IOMFATS. Love Existentially by John Teller, a book about relationships, but in particular about a boy falling in love with a man more than twice his age, our super rich “hero.” Don’t pre-judge the content without reading it. Another well written book, that handles sensitive material in a realistic, but not voyeuristic way.


And finally, back to our first story, and a treat for all you lovers of European kitsch.


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Yes Will, I have been reading "When Shadows Past" and actually wrote the author suggesting it was a book perfect for the sophisticated readership profile (lol) of the Castle. It has the added value of bringing in a physically challenged character in a major rôle, which is rare in this genre. The author does make make what I consider are silly blunders, writing as an American about England. But the story wins through those stereotypical errors. It is, indeed, a good read.

I also agree with you, Will, that with all the various universes currently spun away presumably in some other plane of the multiverse, there is a staggering dearth of exciting new work out there just now. Everything seems so repetitive. It is "nice" and very what I suppose I might call gay Mills and Boone stuff. 

Oh well. I never was into romance. Romeo and Juliet wasn't my thing. Give me Lear or the Scottish Play any day.



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I've been reading WSP (When Shadows Pass - now at chapter 23) since Sean started it on Nifty. It is really well written, most especially since it is a first time story. I'm also glad that Cynus saw fit to help mentor Sean.

Sean has accepted our invitation to be hosted here at the Castle. All I need is for him to send me some chapters!

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I believe he is currently in the process of polishing the story further. While I was once a capable editor, I was too close to this story to be completely objective (this story was once an unfinished tale many years ago, and is one of the first ones I connected with before I started writing seriously, so it's one of my foundation stories, actually). He has a fresh pair of eyes on it now, so I assume the version he brings to the Castle will be even smoother than it is now.

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