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Lincoln: The Family I Never Expected

Al Norris

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Johnny C,

Thanks for the comment and I appreciate you not spoiling the story for those who have not caught up LOL! Now to your remark, yeah I attempt to present a little more of the boys' personalities with each new chapter. Just as the readers discover more, so does Garret. He is still discovering new details about the boys' personalities, their past, and so much more! 

Once again, thanks for the comment and I'm looking forward to hearing more!


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Hey Brad, 

First, let me wish you a belated happy holidays and joyful New Year!

Anyway, I've been receiving quite a few emails from readers, asking if I have stopped writing Lincoln. Short and simple, I haven't stopped and I do plan on releasing CH. 25 once it is finished. Which, unfortunately, is nowhere near completion and no timeline on when. I'm sorry, but I’ve been super busy and not sure when life will slow down for me to write. However, just for the record, chapter 25 is still a work in progress and not forgotten.

Once again! Have a great 2019!

Lindon Weztser

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