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Emperor Roland

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Billie Joe's Journal – Book 1

An interview with the author Rick Beck. Discover how this book got to be written, how Rick became an author, a long journey of twenty-one years. Through the eighties and nineties, the book and the reality. Sex, homeless gay youth, the gay community, and the AIDS epidemic.

This is one interview you must not miss (and one book you should read) – Monday 25 June.

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"I did not set out to write gay novels. In January of 1997 I went in search of a gay love story. I had learned to use the computer the year before, ... I found no gay stories of any kind. ... I began to wonder what would happen if I wrote a gay love story."

Rick Beck - author interview. 

This story will make the reader run a gamut of emotions, ...

Mark Christensen  - The book review.

The story is awesome .

Reader comment.

Billie Joe's Journal – Book 1, by Rick Beck. 

The author's first book.


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