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Ripples of Aggression (AIM Chronicles Book 1)


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Congratulations to Kyle for publishing his first book, which is set in the same universe as Brile and O'Connell's Grenadiers!

Now I understand why he wished to place Kandric under a different nom de guerre, as well as his complete radio silence with regards to new story updates for the past year.

I look forward to getting the physical copy and having a good read. 

The book is available from Amazon.


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I finished the Kindle version of Ripples of Aggression yesterday.  It was a very good read and I recommend it to everyone.  It felt a little less gritty than Brile and O'Connell's Grenadiers, but was still a very good read.  I am looking forward to more books in the series.

Once a little more time has passed for others to read it, there will need to be a spoilers thread.  I have some guesses that I want to see if others agree with :)

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Guest Cyrion

Question to Kyle:

Why is AIM book 1 only availiable  on Amazone?

(Wolfwalker's books are also on Kobo,  Hope you will also publish through Kobo).

Anyway thanks for all your stories!!! and keep on writing:wub::P:wub:

Hugs Cyrion


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I am only doing Amazon for my books at this point. 

The reason for this is I want to get my feet under me as far as being a published author.


BTW new installments of Brile and OCG are in edit, so I am hoping it will not be long for new installments of both


Book two of Ripples is underway as well. 

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Finally read it.  Great story.  MORE MORE MORE!!!!!  

While not necessarily a cliff hanger, it left me wanting another chapter or 50.  I really enjoyed it.  

Now for the critical editor type guys comments.   

You made references to Lord Talborne and the Andar IX fiasco.  I think, for those that read this without knowing about your other 2 stories in this Universe, you might have explained this in a little better detail.  I'm thinking perhaps the Prologue from Brile, since it explains it as it happened, although it doesn't include the characters from this book in it at all.  I'm thinking more along the lines of "background information" to make the readers understand this situation a little more.  It would help explain why there were so many kids found out in the desert and their desperation at not being turned over to AIM.  

Just my thoughts, that's all. 


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Thank all of you:


As an author it really does not really matter if you get the printed book or the e-book. 

For me, I love to put my hands on a real book, so I will always gravitate toward something to put on a shelf.

As far as more background, I actually cut out a large section about Andar. The reason for this is Jakarta is so far removed from the event, they really only have bits and pieces of what went down. Even the kids who were there were out on an outer range and were not involved in the fighting except when they took out the small merc group that boarded the ship they were on. 

As it now stands no one in the story fully understands why Talborne is so dead set on getting his hands on the young Valhalla. 

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The book just arrived and I'm about a third through. I will hold off on commenting on the story. I will just post my first superficial impressions.

First, there's still a few typos. There's one on the front cover (of was omitted) and back cover (surly). There were quite a few inside, one of which was Arial McCurdy spelled as Aerial. It's something that should hopefully be easily fixed in the ebook.

Second, the font isn't appealing. Yeah, it is readable, but generally on printed books you want to go with serif fonts like Garamond, which look more pleasing on the printed page. Sans serif fonts like Arial that was used here are better for reading on computer screens.

Third, I really miss having page numbers. It would be great if these were there so I can resume reading even if I don't happen to have a bookmark. :)

Finally, I am a veteran reader of both Brile and O'Connell's Grenadiers, so I slid right into the story. However, for the sake of new readers, I feel like there's a need to have a Cliff's Notes on the history of the setting. At the minimum, explain or list in a time line the discovery of Warp Gates and the splintering of various colonies into political factions like ADR, New Bavaria, and of course Earth Core. Having a kind of political map would be great, and if I know Kyle, he has one hidden somewhere :) There is, of course, a chance for cross-promotion to direct readers to the existence of the two other series set in this Universe.

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On 9/24/2018 at 10:41 PM, Zergrinch said:

Finally, I am a veteran reader of both Brile and O'Connell's Grenadiers, so I slid right into the story. However, for the sake of new readers, I feel like there's a need to have a Cliff's Notes on the history of the setting. ... There is, of course, a chance for cross-promotion to direct readers to the existence of the two other series set in this Universe.

This was something I mentioned when I was allowed a preview of a few of the early chapters. It was never addressed as far as I know.

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I have finished reading it twice. There was a brief history lesson in the middle of the story but is not as comprehensive as the first chapter of Brile was. I still feel that a small summary, even in the form of a timeline, will still be helpful to new viewers.It should be possible to effect corrections to the e-book, but I guess since Kyle printed the physical books on his own dime (I don't see any publisher so it has to be self-published), that won't happen.

My initial impression was this is a story with a fun romp. The protagonist feels familiar, and any reader of Kyle's would immediately recognize the tropes which would apply equally to Kandric, both Robins, and Crestmir:

  1. The protagonist is a young boy, between age 12 to 15.
  2. He is typically smaller and scrawnier than most average kids his age. 
  3. He is extremely industrious and works very hard to better himself. This industriousness is often out of sight.
  4. He is severely underestimated by those who see him, but has special skills that he has been training.
  5. He is thrust into a leadership position during the course of the story, and discovers that he has a knack for it.
  6. With his wits and everyone with him, he is able to outmaneuver the opposition and win the day.

Tropes aren't bad, and I'm well aware of Kyle's style going in. It's just an observation.

During the course of the story, I got a very BAD feeling about Ty's fate, as if there are several death flags that state that something will happen to him. Thankfully, my fears did not materialize. Although there are a number of casualties in the story on the good side, they were all minor or one-off characters and I never got the feeling that Cres and those with him were going to get badly hurt or worse. Of course, given the way the book ended, there's no way to say if the Brawlers will all return intact in the next installment.

The second book will likely be darker, much like Empire Strikes Back compared to Star Wars: A New Hope. Although judging by previous work, I don't think Kyle likes bad endings.

Things I am looking forward to:

  1. Getting to know Carlin and his story. I thought he would become significant, but was mostly in the background.
  2. What the boy that Cres distrusts (his name escapes me at the moment) will do next.
  3. Cres and crew eventually hooking up with Robin Lerrick's ragtag mercenary team.


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