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I would like to offer a big 'thank you' for hosting my story 'Thilo', and to this end I wondered if you might be interested in something else from my limited archive.

'Another Life' was given its existence following an unplanned navigational error whilst cruising through the canals of the English West Midlands on my narrow boat.

So many TV programs have be aired recently, - all of them depicting beautiful rural scenes, friendly, helpful people and the tranquillity of the English landscape, yet none of them care to mention that they were originally constructed as trade routes in order to carry frieght across the country, and therefore served the major manufacturing cities of the time.


Here, all the illusions of peace and tranquillity go flying out of the window, as I found out when I ventured deep into the canals of Birmingham, England, and witnessed at first hand, the poverty and deprivation that still exists.

Drug adicts by the hundreds, alcoholics a-plenty, vandalism to both boats and infrustructure dished out to those who are foolhardy enough to explore those waters. But I think what shocked me the most were the children. Kids, openly prostituting themselves, whether for alcohol, drugs or merely to stay alive.

'Another Life' is a work of fiction. There are no 'in your face' sexual encounters, just an insight into survival under the harshest of circumstances tempered with love and support.


If you think that it's worthy of a shelf at the Castle, then you are very welcome to publish it.


Andrew Foote.

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Thank you Andy.

We, those of us that read "Thilo", thoroughly enjoyed the story.

I have read the first several chapters and we would be more than happy to host this new story. One question, for the purposes of copyright, "Another Life" was created in 2015?

I will email you with posting details in a day or two.


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