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Revolutions Universe Reading Order

Guest chip321

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Guest chip321

General Mary teamed up on me with Juan and Logan and ORDERED me (a lowly civilian) to organize a chapter reading schedule for the Revolutions Universe.  Gee....give people some authority and look at who they will abuse.


Story universes are written by many authors, each telling their own story in their own way but generally follow a timeline of events. Readers of a story universe can easily become bewildered, I know I do but in my case it is a result of my mispent youth back in the 60's. A story line can be told by one author and followed up on or hinted at by other authors. Every general plot line and twist will affect all of the stories differently.


I will try to put the main story line in some kind of reading order so that a reader does not become disoriented by rapidly changing plot lines and events.



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