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Gay Straight Writing.

William King

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I am pleased to announce my short story Speechless (originally published here) has been published on Nick Campanella's website. A semi-autobiographical story about a library that brings together two boys, reveals some secrets, and leaves them speechless.

You can check out my story here and read some other great stories by different authors on his site (note to readers - this is not a gay site, simply gay friendly).

Nick was enthusiastic about posting this short story, because as he said to me: "You have something really great here. Stories like these should be more mainstream, and I'm really glad I can help make that possible. Every child, gay or straight, remembers how they realized their sexuality, and yet, we (I) never read stories about it."

I have to thank Nick for helping me to tidy up and edit the story. I think it's great to be able to bring a gay story to, if you like, a mainstream site. Only I don't see it quite like that anymore - gay and straight - the terms exist, but 'the times they are a changing!'


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Congratulations to you for being published on Nick Campanella's website.

Somehow that dose not surprise me. As more and more gay authors with gay storys make it into mainstreamed markets. I am sure many of us remember when that was not possible. Now we see better authors beginning to be published in welcoming Medea.

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