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Editor needed.

William King

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I would like to find someone I can work with as an editor for my stories. I have variously found editors to do one off books, but it has been very difficult. This has meant the books and stories are already published before I have someone to work with on them. Quite honestly, if I waited to find an editor, I would have nothing published.

I do need an editor though. I know the finished books and stories are not as good as they could be if only there was someone out there to go through them.

I have nothing specific at the moment with the exception of one short story, Speechless: https://castleroland.net/story-synop/?id=5522 This really needs an editor to go through it. I have tried revisiting it myself, but I am not convinced I've got it right. I have the opportunity to place it on a mainstream writers blog, with support for the story, and this is something I would very much like to do. It would potentially reach a broader audience, 'straight' people would get to read a story of a teenager's sexual realisation, which in this story is when the boy becomes aware he is gay. The story has been enthusiasically received, but the grammar errors have meant it's in limbo. I don't want to re-submit before it's up to standard.

So, anyone out there who can help, please get in touch.



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