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Zach Caldwell

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Speechless - The Recipe for a Story.

Like any good dish you need the best ingredients, which are not always easy to find, but in this instance I had them to hand, inspiration and memory. The latter I had to drag from the back of the kitchen cupboard, I used it often, but it was not in the original packet having been transferred to a plastic container and jumbled about a bit.

I took my time to prepare the meal, even if it was just a simple snack, I wanted it to be tasty and delicious, something to be savoured, well flavoured, peppery, but without the spice – just the faintest hint!

When finished it was a nice little history with a lot of myself in it, and I decided I would call it Speechless.

When you really want to discover a recipe it’s sometimes easier with illustrations, although often there is no need because you can picture it in your mind, and it’s the taste that counts after all. Nevertheless, I have included pictures here for those interested in the detail behind the recipe! 


Kevin met Jack for the first time here in the old Victorian library – that is the same place where my mum took me and my brother to join. I have an older brother who used to make models which I was useless at doing.


Those are the shops where Jack lived, just around the corner from the library and a long walk from Kevin's house.


I am not Jack, he is too extrovert, I am much more like Kevin, but I was the Jack who sat in the reference section of the central library. 


I did find that book!  

So there you have it, inspiration and memory. A little of each thrown into the pot and gently stirred, hopefully making a tasty dish to be savoured and enjoyed.


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1 hour ago, JohnnyC said:

Hello William ,

I enjoyed your short story very much , I hope you might consider writing another story using the same two main characters?. 

      Happy Holidays ,

.                   John Celestre 

You can follow Kevin when he is some years older in another short story where he meets Ishmael. The story is titled Hoxton, look out for it, things might not turn out how you imagine!

And Jack? Well he is more adventurous and he will tell you what happened in Tangier when he was older. That short story is titled Les Jardins de la Mendoubia.

Kevin and Jack are back together in a short story titled Nick, but as you might guess, in that story it's all about Nick. Kevin will say what happens!



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