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Vengeance by Ken Barber

2017 Halloween Writing Contest  

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by Ken Barber

As I was pulling into my driveway of my oversized house, I noticed a black van next door at what used to be Mr. Crawley’s place. Mr Crawley had died about a month ago. He was a very strange man and had a serious fascination with ancient lore, he creeped me out a little but he was my Aunt Sue’s best friend, so I just ignored it.  He left his house to his grandson whom I had met once many years ago.

As I opened the car door the cool fall air rushed in and sent a chill through me. I quickly grabbed my pizza off the passenger seat of my car and started to head to my door. Another late night at the office and a home alone finishing the files. I had gotten used to being alone since my boyfriend of 10 years left 6 months ago. The alone at home part didn’t bother me actually I had barely noticed he was gone. Technically he hadn’t been here for the last two years. Ever since I graduated Law school and started working at the DA’s office. Jeff’s family had a lot of money and he had a huge trust fund. His only aspiration in life was to party. He hated that I wanted a career and was passionate about it. His parting and my being a workaholic had driven a wedge between us, that just grew wider and wider over the past few years to the point we were mere roommates. We barely spoke to each other for months at a time. I often slept on the couch in the study because I never knew what time he would come home and how much noise he would make.

Finally it came to a head when I came home one night to find him with one of our friends. I knew Andy had a crush on Jeff since we first met him, I just figured they both had enough respect for me to not go there. Boy was I wrong. Jeff wasn’t even apologetic, he tried to blame me. He told me at least Andy knew how to give a blow job, and was willing to party with him.

The house was mine, my parents left it to me when they died. Yes I know typical tragic story dead parents, boyfriend cheating, home alone. Whoa is me right? Well not really. First My parents died when I was five, my aunt Sue on my mother’s older sister raised me. She retired to Arizona 12 years ago.

I didn’t know my parents well. Dad was the CEO of a building supply company and was never around. Mom was the socialite of the year. She spent more time planning parties and entertaining the ladies of the company and neighborhood than she ever thought of spending with me. I was always with the Nanny or Aunt Sue. Aunt Sue was awesome she came to every baseball game and was the first family member I came out to. She was a little weird and always talked about the spirits and magic. My mom said she was crazy yet had no problem leaving me alone with her. My parents were killed in a plane crash while taking some board members of dad’s company on an excursion in the Alps. My inheritance, along with the sale of dad’s company was enough that I would be financially stable for the rest of my life.

Jeff’s grandfather and my dad were business partners early in their careers. That’s how Jeff and I become friends and eventually started dating. When we came out at 17 everyone expected us to be together so we were. It was great in the beginning, we were kids and thought the world was our playground, and nothing matter except being together.  Aunt Sue never really liked Jeff and was always wary of him but she tolerated him for me.

As I stepped up on the porch, I looked over at Mr. Crawley’s house and almost dropped my pizza. The man standing on the porch was drop dead gorgeous. His hair looked almost Jet black under the porch light. He was wearing tight black jeans and a black crew neck t-shirt with a thick gold chain around his neck. Classicly Handsome, screw that, dead ass sexy. He looked to be in his late 20’s to early 30’s.

He looked over at me and waved. I waved back and started to get nervous as he started to walk over. “Jeremy Silver, I will be damned.”

I took a step back how did this hunk know me. “I am sorry have we met?”

He reach out his large but perfectly manicured hand for me to shake. “Of course but what seems like 100 years ago. Its Derrick, Derrick Sharpe.”

I stood there spell bound, Derrick and his mom had spent a summer with his grandfather a few years back when I was around 19. Derrick was a nice kid but was scawny and geeky, he had light brown hair and deep blue eyes. I remember those eyes, the first time I saw him his eyes entranced me. As I looked closer his facial features were the same and his voice was the same, but still, this was not the Derrick I remembered.  

“Holy crap Derrick, that was a lifetime ago.”

He smiled and I noticed how dark his eyes were. The pupils were almost black not the deep blue I recalled. I shook it off quickly and smiled.

“You and Jeff still together?”

My smile dropped. “No we broke up 6 months ago.”

“Oh shit sorry to hear that man.”

“It’s ok it was for the better. We grew apart after law school.”

“Law school damn man. I knew that’s what you wanted but I wasn’t sure you would actually do it. So you work for some big firm.”

“No I work for the District Attorney’s Office I am a Junior ADA.”

“Thats awesome. I need to get back over and make sure the movers aren’t trashing my stuff.  I am sure you have plans this weekend but if you’re free at all I would love to catch up.”

My heart skipped a beat, spending any amount of time with Derrick was exciting. “Actually I have no plans for the weekend I was just going catch up on some paperwork all weekend.”

“Well that’s not going to happen now. I have the perfect idea, my kitchen won’t be set up, but I will come by Saturday night with all the stuff to make dinner. We can cook together have a couple glasses of wine and catch up.”

I just looked at him for a second. “Ok that works for me.”

“I will see you then.” He turned and walked back to his place. I watched as he walked away and realized I was holding my breath. I laughed at myself and unlocked the front door. I turned off the alarm code and set the pizza on the kitchen counter. I feed the cat and grabbed a wine glass. The cat was a left over from Jeff. He insisted on getting the damn cat, then never took care of it. The cat left me alone most of the time. The housekeeper fed him during the day and he seemed to like her more anyway, so I just had to put food and water down for him at night and we were good.

I sat in the living room trying to work and eat my pizza. I was having a hard time concentrating and kept thinking about Derrick. I knew he was gay, he had come out to Jeff and I the Summer he visited. It was right before I started my freshman year of college. I sat thinking about that night out on the patio by the pool. I almost remembering Derrick leaving very quickly after he came out to us and then we told him Jeff and I were a couple. We had decided to keep us being gay from him as we didn’t know how he would feel about it. We were still a little nervous about telling people even though our families knew.  We were relieved when he came out, but then confused as after we came out to him and told him we a couple. He got really awkward, made some sort of excuse I don’t remember now and left. It was his last night in town and I never saw him again, until tonight.

I looked out the window to see all the lights on in his house. My mind was doing battle with itself. Half of me wanted to grab a bottle of wine and go offer to help him unpack or something. Just as I was about to work up the courage I noticed a young man in maybe his mid 20’s walking up to Derrick’s door.

I paused and watched as the young man entered the house. I could see the shadows through the blinds as they walked through to the Kitchen. Disappointment washed over me as I saw the lights being turned out in the house.

I started to turn away until I noticed the light come on in the basement. That seemed really odd why would you take a hook-up into the basement. I went into my study where I could see the basement window a little better. I couldn’t see into the basement but I could see the two shadows as it looked like they were embracing. I sighed and headed upstairs to bed.

Around 4 am I woke sweating and could swear I heard a scream. I sat up and looked around the room. It was pretty dark but the full moon coming in through the open blinds added a lot of light. I never closed the blinds not sure why but just something I never did.

I stood up and walked over to the window. The cool late october breeze made me shiver, I was covered in sweat. I stood in front of the window looking out over the back yard all the way down to the lake. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and leaned forward to see Derrick dragging a large bag down towards the boat house. What the hell was he doing at 4 am. I watched as he pulled the very heavy looking bag. I was distracted by the fact that he was shirtless and I could see the sweat on his skin glisten in the moonlight. He paused and turned around and looked up right at me. I jumped back and almost hyperventilated.  I waited a few minutes and looked out again. He was gone, I breathed a sigh of relief and put a pair of sweatpants on and climbed back into bed.

I took a while to fall back to sleep, I laid there thinking about what the hell he could be doing. I finally settled myself with the fact that Old Mr. Crawley had been very eccentric and Derrick was probably still cleaning out the house to make room for himself.

Friday at work was a tough day. I had a couple depositions to get filed and was struggling to focus. I kept thinking about Derrick and somehow was mesmerized by him. Around 8:30 I looked around the office. I have always been the last one out of the office since I got there and today was no different. The place was dark and most of the lights were out.  I sighed and gathered the files I would work on over the weekend and shoved them into my briefcase. I started walking down the dark hall of the 5th floor and I got the overwhelming sensation of someone watching me. I stopped and turned around and thought I saw a shadow by the door to the stairway at the far end of the hall. A chill went up my spine, I picked up my step and got to the elevator quickly.  I pushed the ground floor button, looked up and was sure I saw a figure standing at the far end of the hall watching me. I pushed the close button quickly and stepped back, the feeling of terror washed over me and I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  The elevator started to descend and my breath began to return to normal. When the doors opened on the ground floor I was so relieved to see the the Night security guard look up at me from behind his desk.

“Evening Mr Silver. Done for the weekend?”

I smiled and started walking toward him. “If only Carl, done in the office for the weekend, but bringing plenty of work home with me. Hey Carl is there anyone still working on the fifth floor?”

“No sir you’re the last one in the building. Why? Is everything ok?”

“Yes just thought I saw someone on my way down.”

Carl looked at his monitor. “No sir Mr Silver everyone's badges have been recorded out of the building.”

“Must be my imagination playing tricks on me.”

“That time of year Mr Silver. Have a Happy Halloween.”

“Oh hell, I forgot Sunday is Halloween. I better get some candy or the monsters that live in my neighborhood will be playing tricks on me for sure. Night Carl, Happy Halloween.”

He waved, went back to his crossword puzzle and I left the building. I stopped at the Liquor store and picked up a couple more bottles of wine. I was intrigued by Derrick and his strange activities last night. It was a little unsettling and I wanted to ask him about it but didn’t want to seem like a nosey neighbor.. As I pulled into my neighborhood I saw all the Halloween Decorations. Shit, I was suppose to get the candy on my way home. I would have to run out and grab some candy in the morning if I didn’t want to be cleaning egg off my house Monday morning.

I pulled into the drive and noticed the black Van still parked at Derek's house. I shrugged it off and headed into the house. As I was unlocking the door I heard my name called. I turned to see Derrick waving.

I waved back and went inside. I set everything down and looked at the bottles of wine. Shit it’s now or never. I grabbed one, went back outside and walked over to Derricks. I rang the doorbell and started to get nervous, my heart was beating fast and my palms were getting sweaty. This was dumb he is probably busy, what the hell was I thinking,

He opened the door and smiled and I almost fainted. He stood there smiling at me in a pair of basketball shorts and nothing else. The man was built like a greek god.

“Jeremy come in please, what a pleasure.’ He swung the door open and stepped back. I walked in and smiled, I could not believe how clammy, my hands were. “Let me throw a shirt on real quick, sorry I was cleaning out Grandads study. You should see some of the weird shit this man kept. I am storing things in the boat house for now until I decide what to do with them.”

I nodded, that cleared up the issue for last night. He was just up late cleaning like I thought. “So what do you do for work Derrick.”

“Corporate Security and Protection, I work for a big company that does lots of security stuff. I am a contracted Personnel Security Specialist.” He chucked at the puzzled look on my face. “A bodyguard.”

“Oh wow.”

“Not as exciting as it sounds. I follow around big wigs and made sure they don’t hurt themselves.” Stepped around the corner and I watched him grab a shirt that was hanging over the back of a chair. “Most of these guys hire us because they think they are more important than they actually are” He looked at the wine bottle I was still holding. “Is that for us? I would love a glass.”

“Actually I thought I would be neighborly and get you a welcome to the neighborhood gift.”

He laughed and grabbed a couple glasses. “Thats kind of you. I have to admit I was very nervous to meet you again after all these years. I must have been such a pain in the ass to you and Jeff.”

“Not at all, I mean you were a big geek then and we were the local high school jocks but you were fun. Now it looks like the tables are turned and I am the bookworm and you're the Jock.”

He laughed. “You still look very fit.”

“I do try to keep up going to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. It helps relieve the stress.”

“Well you're doing a damn fine job. Now lets toast to old friends getting a fresh start.”

We clinked our glasses and took a sip of the wine. It was a very nice bottle of Chimney Rock cabernet 2015 which was  good year. We spent a few minutes talking about wine. Derrick impressed the shit out of me with how much he knew about wine. He explained he spent two years protecting a very wealthy man that was a true wine snob so he picked up a lot and started to become a wine enthusiast himself. That got us chatting about his work and he told me some very funny stories and had me laughing in no time.

He stood up from the kitchen island we were seated at and stretched.

I almost gasped out loud but covered it with a yawn “So are you staying here permanently.”

“Depends on how things go, over the next couple of days. I have a couple issues I need to resolve and if I can I will be sticking around.”

I was intrigued. “Work or personal issues?”


“Oh anything I could help with.”

“Maybe. I have to figure somethings out first. Hey your Aunt Sue still around?”

I smiled at the thought of Aunt Sue. “No she retired to Arizona. Why do you ask?”

“Just a couple issues my granddad left me. I know she and him were pretty good friends. I thought if she were around she might be able to answer some questions”

“I could call her if you wanted me to”

“No, no don’t do that. It's fine I will figure it out”

“Okay, if that's what you want.”

He stretched again and looked at his watch. “Wow I should be getting back to work on this old place.”  

“Need some help”

He smiled at me and my heart almost melted. “No that's cool Jeremy you had a long day at work. Go relax. “

“Well I am just next door if you need anything.”

“I might just take you up on that another night.”

I stood up and followed him to the door. “Thanks for coming Jeremy. I am looking forward to dinner tomorrow”

I smiled. “Me too.”

I walked out the door and down the sidewalk. I stopped and took a deep breath. I always loved the smell of fall, there was something so refreshing and ominous about it at the same time.  I looked out to the street and noticed the little black Mazda 3 sitting in the street. That was the same car Derricks late night visitor came in but no one was in the car.

I shrugged it off and went home. I decided to order some Chinese take out and watch some horror movies. It was Halloween weekend after all. About midnight I got up to go pee and grab some more popcorn. I noticed a Red GTI pulling up in front of derek's house. I paused and noticed another young man in his mid to late 20’s walk up to Derrick’s door and ring the bell. Derrick showed him in. The lights went out on the first floor and the lights came on on in the basement. This was getting really strange.

I started to head back to the living room when I heard the cat start to meow by the back door. That's odd he never went out and never showed an interest in going out.

I turned on the back porch light and looked out. I didn't see anything so I turned off the alarm and pushed him back with my foot and opened the door. The damn cat reached up clawed me in the leg and bolted out the door.

“Get back here you little fucker.” I yelled as I darted out the door after him. He ran straight for the front yard and around the fence to Derrick’s yard. I chased after and finally caught up with him on the side of the house, he was sitting there hissing at the basement window. I reached down to pick up the pain in the ass up and glanced over into the window. There was Derrick laying on what looked like a stone table while the newcomer was fucking him like no tomorrow. I tried to turn away but couldn't something wouldn't let me. I watched as they orgasmed in unison. The smile that crept over Derrick's face scared me. Then I glanced at his eyes they were glowing red. I could see his lips moving as he was saying something. The young man tried to pull away but Derrick's legs were locked around him. The kid looked scared, real scared. Derrick looked up at him and forcefully pulled the young man's head to him and bit into his neck, I could see the blood gushing out as Derrick tried to drink it as fast as he could.

I screamed and fainted.  I woke up a few hours later and jumped up off my couch. I struggled to regain my breath as I took in my surroundings. I was shaking but everything seemed to be normal. The TV was still on and the cat was curled up in the corner snoring. I went over to the alarm panel and the alarm was set and there was no history since I got home earlier. I shook my head, I could have sworn it was all real. It didn’t seem like a dream. I walked over to the window and looked out Derek's place was completely dark and when i looked out to the street both strange cars were gone. I chuckled, nightmare, it had to be nothing else made sense.

I walked up the steps to my bed and crawled into it laughing at myself, last time I fall asleep watching horror movies alone. I awoke the next morning and noticed the sun pouring through the window. I stretched and sat up. I laughed when I thought of the nightmare I had last night and got up to get some coffee. I showered early and headed to the local supermarket to get some candy and I thought I would get some cheese and snacks for when Derrick was cooking dinner at my place.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on case files, I had two huge cases coming up that I was the lead prosecutor in. These cases were my chance to get promoted to Senior ADA and I had been super focused on them. One in particular had me perplexed. A gay man in his late 20’s, Vice President of Marketing for a major toy company. He was having an affair with a Married Police officer. His body showed up in the river running through the middle of the city with a single gunshot wound to the head. The Police officer's personal firearm was matched to the bullet and after finding an email exchange between the victim and the alleged killer, where the victim threatened to out the officer to his wife motive was established. It should be a slam dunk case but the defense attorney had made a smart ass comment to me about a surprise. I was worried the Defense had something I didn't know about. I spent most of my afternoon looking at the pictures of the evidence and the evidence logs. As the sun started to go down I huffed in frustration and stood up to stretch. I checked my watch and decided it was time to start getting ready for Derrick to come over.

I showered again and dressed in simple khakis and my favorite sweater. I looked in the mirror and smiled. Derrick was not the 18 year old  insecure kid i meet all those years ago. Today he was a powerful, and sexy man. He was independent and confident but not cocky. I was intrigued to get to know again. There was a sense of mystery that surrounded him and being the lawyer I am solving mystery was my speciality. This was one mystery that may change my life forever.

I went back to the kitchen and pulled out a fresh bottle of one of my favorite reds that I had been saving. The Robert Mondavi Oakville Cabernet 2007, I only had 3 bottles left and I haven’t found a new bottle in over a year. I opened the bottle and decanted it. I went to the fridge and pulled out all the stuff I had purchased to make the cheese plate. I started my favorite playlist and the first song that started made me laugh it was perfect for the moment. “Brand New” By Ben Rector. I quickly cut the cheeses and arranged them on a platter and placed it on the breakfast bar with the decanted bottle of wine and two glasses. I turned the volume up and began dancing to the music and smiling. I was feeling very optimistic about dinner with my gorgeous new neighbor. The doorbell rang and startled me. I opened the door to Derrick smiling with a couple bags in hands.

“Well good evening neighbor, please come in.”

He smiled and walked in past me. “Wow the place is beautiful Jeremy.”

I smiled. “Thanks, I had the whole place remodeled a couple years ago. The whole project was a nightmare and seemed like one giant argument between Jeff and I. But I got through it and now am very pleased with the place.”

“Yeah, it looks great. So let’s get dinner started.” He set the bags on the kitchen counter and began pulling out the ingredients for Chicken Marsala.

I laughed. “How did you know I love chicken marsala?”

He smiled. “I remember the night your aunt sue and my Gramps took us out to that Italian place and you were so excited to order Chicken Marsala. I ordered the same thing, because I thought if Jeremey likes it then it must be the coolest thing ever.”

I was smiling from ear to ear. “How the fuck did you remember that. Holy shit that night was a blast. It was like the first time you really hung out with us. I remember you were super shy and wouldn’t order dessert so I made you eat half of my tiramisu.”

He stopped what he was doing and busted up laughing. “Yeah thanks to you I have had a coffee addiction ever since that.”

We both laughed for a moment and then got back to work getting the food ready. Most of the time cooking was spent recalling memories from that summer Derrick hung out with us. As the conversation went on, I started to realize the Derrick had hung on every word I said and followed me everywhere and did whatever I wanted.  Jeff and I had only been officially dating for about 2 years so I think I was still in dreamland about the life Jeff and I were going to have together to notice.

I think Derrick noticed I was getting a little uncomfortable and changed the subject to my work, he brought up the news report on the Gavin case, the one with the guy that got killed by the his lover the cop. I smiled and filled in what pieces I could. Only stuff that was public knowledge, of course.

He paused. “The whole thing seems so uncanny. There was an almost identical case in Seattle last year while I was there.”

I smiled. “That happens sometimes. Cases seem eerily familiar but typically small details differ. For some reason that case in Seattle didn’t show up in my search. I will look at it thought to see if anything from it helps me. Thanks.”

“Hey no problem.” As he was plating the food I poured us fresh glasses of wine and set them on the table in the breakfast nook. I always thought the breakfast nook was more intimate and romantic and the giant dining that could seat 10 was way too big and formal. Jeff loved the dining room and hated the breakfast nook.

I stepped back over to the counter and he handed me the rolls. Our hands brushed and I felt a wave of electric energy pass through me. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I was startled by the loud clear internal voice that raced through my head. “HE IS THE ONE.”

I held my breath for a second almost afraid I said it out loud. He just grabbed the salad bowl and handed it to me as well. I exhaled as I realized I had been holding my holding my breath and took the bread and salad to the table. He followed with the plates and we sat down to start eating. The conversation turned to college life for me. I asked Derrick if he made it to college.

“Sort of, things went really bad for the family after the summer I was here. Mom and Dad both had to leave their jobs for medical issues.”

“Oh I am sorry to hear that what happened? Are they ok now.”

“They are sort of ok. We all had to adapt to a new lifestyle but we made do. It's all much better now and my Parents are actually doing quite well.”

“That’s a relief.”

‘Yeah, so anyway, After high school, my parents couldn’t really afford to help me with college so I went to an online school part time and got a job working as an overnight baker at a donut shop. On the weekends I worked at a Nightclub as a bouncer. That's where I met the the head of the security company I work for. He recruited me and helped me get through school faster. I got my degree in criminal Justice and started working for him. While working for him I continued to go to school and also got a BS in Business Management , I am working on my masters now and am the Senior Vice President of the Personal Security Division.”

“Damn Derrick, that’s amazing.”

“I had a major goal to meet in life and it was a real focus.”

I was intrigued but didn’t want to seem pushy. “Have you met it yet?”

“I am so close I can taste it.”

“That’s freaking awesome. I am working hard on becoming a senior ADA I intend to keep pushing until I get a DA spot somewhere. I feel like I have a responsibility to the world.”

“Thats pretty impressive Jeremy. It must take a lot work and time.”

“Yes that's one of the biggest issues Jeff and I had. Crap I am sorry I keep bringing up Jeff.”

“It's understandable. Its pretty recent.”

“So what about you, single?”

“Very. Not much time for dating and stuff.”

“I am sure you have no trouble getting guys.”

“Well yes I find it very easy to get one night stands but I long for something more permanent. But that has not been possible yet.”

“Wow Derrick, are you telling me you have not had a relationship at all.”

He smiled shyly. “No I haven't but I am hoping that will change very soon.”

“Is there someone you’re interested in.”

He just looked at me. “Either your playing coy or you're oblivious. Jeremy I fell in love with you the very first day I met you and have spent the last 8 years trying to figure out a way for us to be together.”

I sat there stunned with the wine glass at my mouth but not drinking the wine. He started to fidget and get nervous. “Derrick, I won’t bullshit you. I feel a connection like this is suppose to happen, but I am not ready to rush into something, I am terrified and so focused on my work right now.”

He looked dejected. “Of course Jeremy I understand. This probably all seems creepy to you.”

“Creepy, no but scary yes. We barely knew each other that summer now it's eight years later.”

He reached over and took my hand and I allowed him to. The minute he touched me that familiar electric shock rang through me and I heard in my head. “THERE ISN’T ENOUGH TIME HE IS THE ONE, GIVE IN NOW.”

I looked Derrick in the eyes, slightly startled by the strange voice in my head. “Jeremy you take all the time you need.”

I pulled my hand back and gulped my wine. “I am sorry Derrick. I just didn’t expect things to move this fast.”

Derrick smiled. “It's ok. I am coming on rather strong.” He paused and took a sip of his wine. “In my life I have learned when you want something badly you must attack and devour it immediately.”

“Good policy, I guess, aggressive and determined.”

He took another sip of his wine. “So do you have any plans for Halloween?”

I laughed. “No just gonna hand out candy to the monsters in the neighborhood.”

“I am so not prepared. Maybe I could just hang out with you and hand out candy.”

“Sure why not. I am free all day tomorrow.”

He sighed. “I won’t be free until later in the evening.”

“That’s fine. Just come over whenever you are free. Let get this cleaned up and if you're not in a hurry we can watch a movie. AMC is running a marathon of vampire movies for Halloween.”

He choked a little and spit some of his wine back into his glass.

“Derrick, you ok.”

He coughed a little. “Yes sorry just sipped that wrong.”

I laughed and started clearing dinner. Derrick helped me get the table cleared and the dishes loaded in the dishwasher. I grabbed another bottle of wine and glasses and headed to the living room, he followed.

We sat next to each other on the couch and he leaned against me. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was on fire. I leaned over and kissed him, I started to get dizzy and a wave of desire overcame me.  I bit down on his lip and he winced but didn’t stop me. I bite down so hard a small drop of his blood was on lips. I could smell the blood so intently and I don’t know what came over me. I liked his lips and tasted it. Instantly my head began swim and the room started spinning.

I woke up a couple hours later. I was laying on the couch and the TV was still on. I sat up and looked around for Derrick. I spotted a note on the table.

    You fell asleep during the Bram Stoker's Dracula, I didn’t want to disturb you so I let myself out. See you tomorrow night, sweet dreams.


I shook my head and thought about the kiss and the blood. Too much wine and vampire movies. It must have been a dream. I walked up the stairs to my room and crawled into bed and quickly went back to sleep.

I awoke screaming. I had dreamt the Derrick Dream again only this time he was fucking me and I bit his neck and drank his blood. I sat up in bed and realized I was sweating. My Sheets were drenched. I stretched, opened the curtains. The Sunlight was blinding, so I pulled the curtains closed again. I grabbed the sheets off the bed and walked to the laundry room. After getting the washer started I headed to the kitchen to get some coffee and breakfast I was starving. When I reached the bottom of the stairs the sunlight pouring through the windows was almost painful. I grabbed the remote and closed the blinds. I walked into the kitchen and started the coffee and looked in the fridge. I was starving, so I grabbed all the stuff to make a ham and cheese omelette. I poured my coffee and began cooking. After breakfast I sat back and realized I was still starving and really exhausted. I laid on the couch and dozed off.

When I woke I looked at the clock shit it was 4:30. I quickly ran upstairs and showered and dressed. I came back down and began figuring out what to make for dinner for Derrick and I. I decided on some quick pasta with the marinara i made last week. I got the pasta going and sauce cooking. I went and hunted down a large container for the Halloween candy, poured in a bowl and set it by the door. Some of the younger kids would start early.

I ran back to the kitchen and drained the pasta and mixed it with the sauce. I looked in the fridge again and spotted the italian sausage I had picked up the other day. I quickly began cooking it in some olive oil. Once it was cooked I pulled it out of the pan and began slicing it into smaller pieces. The doorbell rang and I slipped and nicked my finger. I grabbed a paper towel and quickly wrapped it up. The sight of the blood made me oddly hungry. I shook it off and ran to the door. I grabbed the candy and opened it expecting to see some little ghouls or goblins standing in the door. I was greeted by Derrick standing there in a perfectly tailored black suit with a white shirt and black tie.

“Oh Derrick you’re early. Everything ok.”

“Yes I had to run to the office for a short minute. I didn’t want to keep you waiting so I came straight over.”

I smiled. “Just in time the sun just went down and the kids should be coming round begging pretty soon. Come in and take that jacket and tie off and help me finish dinner.”

He smiled. “I would love too. Did you cut yourself.”

“Yea just let me grab a bandaid. If any monsters show up at the door don’t invite them in just give them candy and send them on the way.”

He was staring at my finger. “What of course, right monsters and candy. Got it.”

I went into the bathroom and pulled the paper towel off my finger and saw the blood there. It took every ounce of energy I had to not lick it off. This whole fascination with blood was starting to creep me out.

I grabbed a bandaid and quickly wrapped it around the cut, before I headed back to the kitchen. Derrick was mixing the pasta. The doorbell rang and we both looked at each other and both started running for the door. It quickly turned into a race and he was able to beat me to it by mere seconds. We opened the door laughing hysterically to be faced with a very gruesome grim reaper. I stepped back, startled  and started laughing again. Derrick handed the creature some candy and we laughed again and went back to the kitchen.

We served the pasta in bowls and headed to the living room to eat so we could be near the door. The evening went by quickly with both of us taking turns to get the door. We had so much fun and as the evening wore down I couldn't help but think I wanted him to stay tonight.

I leaned over and kissed him and he kissed me back. My head spun again and the voice ripped through my skull like a megaphone. “DO IT NOW!”

I pulled back. “You need anything, I am grabbing a drink.”

“Just you Jeremy and maybe a glass of wine.”

I smiled and leaned in and gave him a quick pec. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle and glasses and brought it into the living room.

I paused. Derrick was laying back on the couch with his eyes closed and I stood there watching.

I could see a smile come across his lips. “You gonna stand there staring or you gonna bring that wine over.”

I blushed and brought the wine over and set in on the table and laid myself on top of him and kissed him passionately. I could feel the hardness in both of our groins as they ground together. I was overwhelmed by passion and began kissing his neck. I pulled back and noticed his jugular vein pulsing. I wanted to bite it so bad. He turned his head further to the side exposing the side of his neck even more.

I felt an excruciating pain in my mouth and as if by instinct I lowered my mouth to his neck. I was surprised and excited at how easily my teeth sunk into his flesh. The gush of blood crashing into my open mouth started the most intense orgasm I have ever had and made me drink even more.

I heard Derrick whimper a little and I wanted to pull back but couldn’t help myself I kept drinking his life essence.

I heard him whisper. “You are free, My Lord, all that I am is yours. The world will tremble at your feet.”

Then I felt his teeth tear into my neck and again I experienced an intense orgasm as he began to drink my soul.

My mind exploded with 5000 years of memories as the demon inside of me awoke once more. My fury of being trapped by my “family” roiled through me and I lifted Derrick off his feet and threw him across the room as I screamed with every ounce of my soul. The power of the most ancient of curses rushed through every nerve ending in my body.

I looked to the heavens and roared “I AM CAIN, THE WORLD WILL FEEL MY VENGEANCE AND IT WILL BURN.

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