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I have always found it rather weird that depending upon the device used and the browser used, that we get such different results.

The answer is not always as simple as it seems. Not when we have layers of code that must be parsed before the HTML output is delivered. Now add in how the application on your device (even, in some cases, down to it's operating system) handles the incoming code.

As we continue to look into this, I would suggest that for the time being press on the picture or the title of the story, as we continue to try and solve this.

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Thanks for the input everyone. As Allen stated we have been notified that certain links do not work with certain browsers, other have issues with certain devices types for some its the  operating system.  On the front page slider bar, the picture, the book title and the read more are all links try each one as they do take you to different locations. (author story page, chapter 1 of story, synopsis page for the story.) We will keep working on this and hopefully get it sorted. 

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