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From the Land of Nate


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Reports of my death have been extremely exaggerated, mostly by myself.


Hello, and greetings from Milton, FL.  It is fairly safe to report that Benji and I survived the storm with little incident.  Had a few power flickers, never lost water pressure.  No damage to the apartment or cars.  There was one tree near us that fell into the street, ripping down a section of fence, but it was not even close to us.  The tree was behind the Visitor's section of the high school football stadium we live near, but it fell into the street about 200 yards from our apartment.

The clean up of town shouldn't take too long.  The damage that I have witnessed so far is very minimal.  In short, Brothers and Sisters, we got very lucky during what turns out was a very mild hurricane.

However, others across the country and in our territorial provinces in Antilles have not fared so well.  Even though Nate has done remarkably little damage to America, it did kill several people in Honduras and Nicaragua.  And the devastation that Maria visited upon our Puerto Rican neighbors will be a struggle for many years to overcome.  So please keep those folks in your thoughts.

As for me, everything is good.  Now back to our regularly scheduled insanity, already in progress.  Or is that in congress.  Fuck, I dunno.

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