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Zach Caldwell

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[Special Note: The new website is now live. As a result the links throughout this thread are invalid except for the latest posting to the thread. All of Zackron stories can now be found at Zackron]

Footprints is a story about stepping out of the shadows of others, and daring to make your own path, or footprints in life. The story follows the lives of six individuals who are whisked away from a high-technology universe where they have nearly all the resources, support, and friends they could ever hope for, a universe where Starfleet and Doctor Who are real, a universe where interaction with angels, and other high races is a common occurrence, and throws them into a universe with no advanced technology, and very few friends, a universe where the United States is on the brink of starting a second civil war.

Chapters 1 - 8

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