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Bad Breakup


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Fuck Mormonism.
You make people like me want to end their lives.
You preach love and utter rejection in the same breath.
It's like a bad breakup where you blame us for your unwillingness to accept our difference.
As if we can change.
As if we're the ones which are supposedly able to receive some revelation which will suddenly make sense.
As to why I wanted to kiss that boy when I was ten.
As to why I wanted to kiss that poison when I was eleven a few months later.
You claim I am unnatural, but I am not.
In proving I am natural, you concede the natural man is an enemy to god.
And you remind us once again that we are unwanted.
So what is the answer? What is your continued revelation?
Do we stay, or do we go?
We go either way, either out of the church
Or out of your lives
Or out of this fucking world, because it doesn't bloody want us.
I pray most don't make that last choice,
Because the world out here is better,
Where we actually love our fellow man.
When difference walks into this party, we ask them where they got that sweet dress.
Even if it's a dude wearing it.

Fuck Mormonism.
See you in twenty years when your "revelations" catch up to the status quo.


It's the time of year for Mormons (my old religion) to gather together for their semi-annual conference. A certain speaker was defending the church's recent policies regarding same-sex attraction. Needless to say, I had to get some anger out. I realize it's just free verse, but . . .

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