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Have You Forgotten? -- 9/11

Zach Caldwell

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Thank you Zach.

I was much too caught up in my own memories, yesterday...

I remembered my wife's phone call at work that day. Telling us what was going on. I remembered how scared she was, as she tried to describe what was happening in New York City and D.C. I gave the phone to my friend and boss, as I ran outside to stare at the sky. Instead of seeing contrails everywhere, the Sky was clear.

I remembered volunteering to take a watch at Minidoka Dam. I remembered the heightened presence of the police in our town. I remembered the civilian patrols, some of which I was on, that went out to protect our county.

I remembered the anger, the fear, the uncertainty, the resolution.

I remembered that even with the dawning of the Internet, how many trains were suddenly derailed. How many bridges were collapsing. How this was all reported in local environs but speciously kept out of major news reporting agencies.

I remembered how afraid we were, when our son IM'd us of his immediate deployment to the Middle East. I also remembered how proud I was at his determination to protect our country, to help make sure this never happened again.

I watched the news yesterday. We are now so divided, as a people. As a Nation. We have forgotten...

So thank you Zach, for bringing this topic up.

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