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Hello.  I am enquiring about the Revolution Universe stories.  They are excellent stories and I enjoy readng them very much.  Lately they seem to have stopped and no new chapters have been posted for quite a while. I know writers are busy with there lives, etc., etc.  But, as a reader it is very daunting to read  a great story and get regular chapters then for some reason its six months or a year when the next one comes out. There are a few Authors who write the whole story then post the chapters in a timly fashion. I thank these Authors who do this.  I know crap happens and people have to do the best they can.  So for all the Authors who do the Revolution Universe stories I thank you very much and hope more chapters are coming.  Than You  Xboy

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Hello and thank you for your post. Sorry there has not been any recent updates to the RU stories. The writers are still writing, of that you can rest assured. The delay has a lot to do with setting up and migrating our files to our new and improved website. A new website that I think you and all of our readers will find useful and inviting. Once we have migrated all of our stories to the new website and it goes live, you will see the RU stories start to post regularly again.

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Thank you Zach, for fielding that question.

It's true, Xboy. There are RU stories in the pipe. But in order to make this move and migrate the riles to the new site, some things got put on hold. The final edits of the stories were one of those things because those persons involved in the edits are busy transferring the files from the old site to the new site.

We all apologize for the delay, but this is just one of those bumps we all go over in real life.

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On 9/7/2017 at 8:06 PM, dito8302 said:

I am another fan who has been feeling despondent over the delay in posting new RU stories.

Diti8302, and everyone else that reads the Revolutions Universe.

We really are sorry about the delay in RU stories. But as Allen and Zach said many of us that are involved in Writing and editing those stories are also on the transfer teams or Admins for the site. The double duty and scope of work in getting this new site up and running has forced us to pause posting those stories.  The writers are still writing so the silver lining is once we get the new site up and running there is a back log of chapters to keep us going for a while and to keep you reading.  Again we apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. The new site should be going live very soon.  

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