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Understanding Sex - it's a book!

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I'm reading this book (online story), it’s a few years old by a guy called J J Janicki, sounds like an alias (nom de plume), but then again, it could just be real. I don't know, guess I would need to contact him and ask (also presuming he is a him, which I think he is). 

If you picked up this book only looking at the title, you might be forgiven for assuming it was some kind of sex education literature. Well it is called Understanding Sex - http://www.crvboy.org/stories/jj/us/c01.html

I suppose actually it is some kind of sex education book, only not the usual sort. This book is about Wesley, he's the author, or the author's alter ego. Anyway Wesley is telling the story and Wesley is twelve, going on thirteen, maybe twelve and a half, he is just into puberty, which is what he spends most of the time telling us about.

There is a story, of course there is, it’s his life, what he does and what happens to him. Now he does some interesting things, he also gets into a lot of trouble. You see he is a shy exhibitionist, if that isn't a contradiction in terms. He likes getting naked, but he doesn't necessarily like most people seeing him naked. 

There are probably two reasons for him being this way, that is about getting naked, one, if he's with a boy he likes, who also happens to be naked then that's okay. But, two, his parents are church going Christians, and his dad would whoop his ass with his belt if he found him doing stuff like that.

There is a road trip in here too, along with his family, his Christian psychologist, the Christian school (where he also gets his ass whipped), and of course the boys he hangs out with, oh and the sport – putt and putt (I think that's what it’s called, some kind of American golf sport).

So as Wesley (the author/narrator) tells us, this book is a stream of consciousness type thing. Only even with lots of diversions, and talking to us the reader, there is loads of interesting stuff going on, and quite a bit of sex. Well given his age it’s much more discovering sex, touching, feeling, jerking off, hence the title Understanding Sex – now you have an idea why the book has that title.

It's a lot of fun, if you don't mind a story that goes off at tangents, and of course it's rather different from the usual. You need to start reading it to see if you like it, or not. I do, and I haven't put it down.

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