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After Dark - Fantasy novella

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After Dark by Narias1989 is in the genre of weird fantasy. Now I'm not at all sure how many readers are into worlds of the weird and wonderful, the sort of writing that you either love or hate. This is not a long book, a novella, 12000 words, five chapters, but it may just be the first of a series. Now okay, it's not perfect, it's by a relatively new author, but if it's your thing weird and wonderfully different writing, then take a look.

Here is a copy of the review I wrote, it will give you a flavour of what's in the book:

Our hero is Shinozaki-Sanderson aka Samurai Shinozaki, who the kid from middle America knew back sometime when he went by a different name. Now there is a whole sexy attraction that's going on here, because daddy knew the kid when he was eight years old and had a thing about collecting bugs. Now Bennet, the kid, carries a big rifle and wears a t-shirt proclaiming suicidal tendencies.

Ordinary things can take on a different perspective in the words of our author, and whilst all the action takes place around Koi Hill and the pond, you have to be prepared for the odd bug or two and spidery costumes. The costumes fit skin tight, sexy, but that’s by the by, they need to impress the Empress and catch some crickets!

You must know that Anything can happen. This is a tale about saving the world in one long night, and it’s about writing, about being an author – just like D H Lawrence. It's about the moon, and the Trespassers, and lots of other things, and the words will literally fly off the page (or screen – let’s be modern) and – yes, I know you've guessed, they will save the world. At least this time round – maybe!

A written work that will draw you into this magick world, all you need do is suspend belief, go with the flow, and hope that Shinozaki and Bennet will triumph. If you really want to understand it on all it’s levels, because there's a lot going on, you might just have to read it over again. I recommend you take some time out to read this trip through another world which is strangely grounded in the mundane reality of a deadline. Remember all good books about love and saving the universe deserve your consideration. Nothing ventured!...

Here is the link to the story:


If you read it, let the author know by liking, commenting, and come back here and tell us what you thought of it. I would be interested to know that I am not alone in liking weird fantasy novels!

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