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The Cornfield Fraternity


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These are the first five chapters, comprising an average of 11,600 words each chapter, of something of a magnum  opus. The story is a fundamentally true one, in that the main elements - the gruesome attacks, the corruption in high places, the desperate inequality, and the abuse of street kids is all factual - and the main characters, such as the surgeons, police chiefs, human rights activists were, and are living and breathing when last I spoke to them. 

However, to protect the innocent, and me from law suits, I have mostly changed names of both people and places.it could be anywhere in Sub-Sahsran Africa. I have also            fictionalised the story by creating the gang of boys and teenagers as the focus of, not only the victimisation, but also the investigation of the crimes in this African district. I have not created the boys themselves out of thin air. They were all real patients, or children living near my home. Two are my own sons. So I did not invent people here. I merely introduced them into new milieu.

Provided the story proves of sufficient interest, I plan to post an additional chapter each week from hereonin. By the end of chapter 5 you have met Philip, a victim of an heinous attack (PREPARE FOR SPOILER)





by the end of the story there will have been seven such boys





If all goes well, other stories may follow from other episodes in my life where I could introduce some of the same boy characters without too much difficulty, as my actually were in two of them: people/child trafficking in Spain, the Southern Sudan Civil War, Feeding displaced people inn the mountains of East Africa, and Refugee Camp Life and looking for extremists.

But those are down the line a ways and assume you like my father stunted writing style. I am not gifted at narrative, being a non-fiction writer up until now. Any way, hereto attached please find the two files containing the first five chapters of THE CORNFIELD FRATERNITY for your kind consideration.

Adam K Palfrey MD

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