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Wheel of Time fans


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I was packing for a move a few days ago and when I put my books into boxes I was reminded how huge WOT turned out to be. Surely this is the longest story ever written. It took me years to read it but what a great tale. I couldn't believe that Jordan died before it was finished. 

I just wondered how many CR fans had read it and what did they think about it.

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I read most of the series twice, but I have never finished it. I wasn't able to finish it after Brandon Sanderson took over, which is really no fault of Brandon's. I actually appreciate Brandon Sanderson's writing, and have several of his books, and I've met him multiple times (even played a game of Magic: The Gathering with him), but the problem is that his style is still so intrinsically different from Robert Jordan's that it pulls me out of the world.

And with a world as thick and detailed as Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time", that ruined the magic for me.

So I never finished it, but I enjoyed everything I read up until that point. I likely would've also enjoyed the full series if it had been written by Brandon Sanderson from the beginning. I'd say a lot of who I want to be as a writer has been influenced heavily by both of these gifted authors.

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