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Gay Pride Month

ken barber

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So its here again the month where we let our freak flags fly. The month we celebrate the battles we have won towards equality. This month you see rainbows flying everywhere. Parades of men in their underwear dancing to the latest beats, followed by drag queens draped in rainbow flags carrying rainbow parisols.

This celebration of the culture of the gay community is always met with controversy and this year is no different.

President Trump while saying he an ally of the LGBTQ community has parted ways with the tradition of the President issuing a proclamation that June is Gay Pride Month. This is completely symbolic and means nothing the celebration will continue regardless of the oompa lompa's lack of proclamation.

After last years massacre at Club Pulse in Orlando Florida states and cities have increased police and security presence at the events and  parades. This is not wanted by the gay community, too often the presence of police and state sponsored security dampens the celebration. Again the celebration will continue and most organizers in cities world wide have scheduled private events at private establishments where they have their own security protocols and as long as a law is not being broken Police have no reason to be there.

Some parades and festivals have become sponsored by major corporation even to the point of naming the event for the corporation. Gay Pride celebrations have always been a grass roots local event for each city, sponsors are welcome but should be vetted to make sure they support the gay communities ideals of social equality.

Then last but least we have individuals that like to throw out statements like, "If we have Gay Pride then we have to have straight pride too." and to that I say F U. Gay pride is and has always has been a protest. A protest to demand social equality for members of the LGBTQ community. Every month is straight pride because lets face it as straight people you do not face the same social injustices as the LGBTQ community. You do not have to fight for your rights as we do. So you know what sit down shut the F up and let us have our month. Or better yet be our ally and support us, so that some day Gay Pride isn't a protest but just a giant fucking celebration of fabulousness.



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