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We have this section here where you can write about your favourite stories and authors, but I was thinking why not steal an idea from another site, adapt it for here, and make - a prominent thread - titled BOOK REVIEWS.

Anyone could submit a review, but a book review is different from comments, it is not just " I liked this story a lot." No, a good review talks about the book, the story, the characters, without giving away the plot or spoiling the story. Every story published here has a synopsis, but that only hints at what the book is. A review has more depth, and it's purpose is to help people decide which books they want to read.

I admit I am biased, I love reading book reviews and use them - when available - to choose which book to read next. I can say that through reviews I have found some great books, stories I might otherwise have passed by.

I think book reviews are important for any site that is all about books. There needs to be some guidance, and criteria, for writing book reviews. They should also either be divided into books on Castle Roland and books on other sites, or limited only to books found here. Also book reviews can only be written for books which are complete. Otherwise you might say - the author failed to do whatever, but would find that failure was addressed in as yet unpublished chapters. Besides, there are threads for each author and their books which are used for on going discussion of works in process.

Here is an example of what for me is a book review - I wrote it for a book I read recently on GA.

Being Cam by Robertlee

What a little jem of a novel, I picked it up, started reading, and couldn't put it down until I'd finished it. The thoughts and the world of the just turned thirteen year old, Cam - don't call him Cameron, only his mom can do that, and he hates it when she does – expressed in his personal journal. His self reflection and observations, his interactions with his small group of friends are wonderfully written. 

The story revolves around his dawning self-awareness, what might equally be labelled his sexual awakening. His inner turmoil to realise how he truly feels about his friend Nate. All the characters in this novel are described in perfect little cameos, even his sisters. They may not be described in great detail, but the author manages in very few words to paint Cam's whole world and the people in it.

There is some great writing here, and it is so easy to pick up and read, if you don't, then you will be missing a wonderful story, beautifully told. There are some marvellous little throw away lines like the moment when Cam and Nate first kiss, - “We stayed locked together for hours, or more like two minutes.”

This story is written using the weekly entries in Cam's journal to describe the events that take place in Cam's life. The chapters are short, and vary in length, the whole thing works perfectly. I applaud the author for adopting this unique approach, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I just thought - if you want to read that book, this is the link:



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