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I'm Sorry


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Laughing and crying. Joking and lying, These are memories of our past.

Your here then your gone. Love comes and goes. Nothing you say ever last.

Cold winter nights. Stalking the cold floor waiting for a call that never comes.

I'm sorry. So sorry that I'm not quite good enough.

I'm sorry. So sorry and I'm done at last, I've had enough.



Lost in a quiet room thats packed with rejection. One single voice in the night.

I pound on the grey walls. Why can't you see me? Why is my love not enough?

I'm sorry, Oh so sorry. I can't stand the pain and the lose.

I'm sorry. Oh so sorry . Nothing I say is enough.


Pictures of sunsets. Down by the river. A kiss in the quiet moonlight.

Sweet words of longing. Promises are broken. Memories of love so very hot.

I'm sorry. So sorry. Why can't I be good enough.

I'm sorry. Oh so sorry. No more pain, I've had enough.


Teardrops and heartache. I hide in the dark. Love comes and love will go.

I've lost that sweet spark. Memories of screaming. Memories I hide in the sand

No more bright sunny days. Lost in the rain.. I run from your very swift hand.

I run from the pain. I run from the madness. I hold it all in vain.


I'm sorry. So sorry. Your my earth and my depression. I see nothing but rejection.

I'm so sorry. So so sorry. I can't be the one to love you. I can't hold you and protect you.

I'm so sorry Oh so sorry. Your my sun and all my freedom. Your my summer and my autumn.

I'm sorry. So so sorry. Your the music to my life song. What is right and what I think is wrong.

Your my end and my beginning. From the start and when I'm finished. Your the cream that's in my coffee. Your what is sweet and what is salty.


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