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What sort of stories do readers like?

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I was reading the thread about the Ashes of Fate series of books, where the question was posed as to whether or not anyone was reading it, after three books and no comments.

It prompted me to read chapter one of book one, no offence to the author, because it was well written, but I stopped halfway through when it started talking about werewolves and other creatures. It’s a whole universe, you’re either into it or not.

This got me thinking about a reader poll on preferred story genres. I don’t know if that’s possible, but it could be really interesting. It would need to allow readers to vote an order of preference, because people will like more than one story type. There is no need to get too sophisticated,  although you could include sub-genres like in fantasy, where you might have, vampires, werewolves, altered reality etc. I mention that possibility only because that is where I started - how many readers like werewolf stories? 



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