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Changes at the Story Site

Al Norris

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You may have noticed that there have been some changes to the Castle Roland website. This is just a beginning.

Since we launched Castle Roland 3 years ago we have received consistent feedback on the quality of our website. Well, we listened and have taken on the project of developing a new website. We have contracted with a company to develop and launch the new site for us.


This is going to do two things for us. One, it's going to give you, our readers, a more visually appealing site that will be easier to navigate. Second, the behind the scenes actions are going to be streamlined. Streamlining the behind the scenes is our biggest concern.


The folks putting chapters up on the website are also authors and editors. They spend way too much time getting documents loaded into the right formats and coded to be read by the website. Since we want them to have more time to write stories, this is of paramount importance.

There is a high cost to all this and while a large chunk of it has been handled by individual donors, we are asking for your help. Any amount that you can spare will get us one step closer and keeps us running. Thank you for your consideration and please keep reading. We also appreciate your comments.

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A special shout out to Albert, Andrew, Brian(2), Eric, Gary(2), James(2), Jim, John, LJ, LJ Jr, Michael, Michel, Mike, Paul, Richard, Rob, Ronald(2), Yvonne, and Anonymous, who have all donated so far.

Thank You!

Your support has been nothing short of phenomenal! We started this campaign with a goal to raise $1000.00 (USD) in mind. As of this update, $835.00 has been donated. This leaves us with $165.00 left to raise.

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We did it!
You did it!
Our Goal has been Met!
A very special shout out to Albert, Andrew, Brian(2), Edward, Eric, Gary(2), James(2), Jeffrey, Jim, John, Kenneth, LJ, LJ Jr, Michael, Michel, Mike, Paul, Richard(2), Rob, Robert, Ronald(2), Sam, Stephen, Verner, Yvonne, and Anonymous(2), who have all donated towards our new website.
Thank You!
Your support for our website creation project, has been above phenomenal!
Early Thursday evening (20 April), we discovered that the code for the "Donate" button had somehow become messed up. Clicking on it, took everyone to an error page. While we fixed the code in the Thursday newsletter template (and we really don't know how long ago this occurred), we couldn't resend the newsletter for fear that such a duplicate would be taken as spam by most, if not all, email servers.
Yet despite this, you persevered. You either donated through one of the prior newsletters or through this website. Because of your efforts, we have met our goal! We cannot thank you all enough!

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Thank you are all the hard work and effort that goes into making this wonderful site. One suggestion though if I may?  Under the new format, is there an easy way to identify recent posts by the authors? I can't see it.

I think it would be useful to have a chronological list on the Home Page of updates (say the past 6 months or a year) that enables readers to quickly identify new chapters added to ongoing stories.

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