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One Tree Hill

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7 hours ago, JohnnyC said:

Hello Gary ,

 Thank you so much for the latest chapter !, Poor Sam with his self inflicted gay guilt , Awen's dinner invite at Ashe's and now martin's passing it was quite a read,


               Johnny C  

I agree Johnny C. You left out the relationship between Awen and Role. Will Awen want to move Bret to One Tree Hill? has The two of them Martin and Bret been united on the other side? A lot of questions.

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A very nice chapter. Sam, Rol and Awen got Bret back to the mainland. Awen's Mum and Dad are going sepert ways after all that time. Sad but maybe it is for the best. After all the Awen's brother has done to him. Awen still gives to him what ever he may ask. I could not see myself doing the same. To me Awen has been used by his brother way to much. Will Bret want to be on the hill? Will we find out? We will have to return.

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This has been and remain a wonderful story. Ely moved with his bird, Sam finely got to be with John. Awen and Role gets to live their life. As for Bret and Martin in away I think they are finely happy or content. So in the end everything has worked out for everyone as it should.

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