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Longtime TV, radio and movie star, gay activist, racial equality activist and all around funny guy, George Takei may have just taken his idealism and sharp wit where few gay men have gone before... Congress!



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I'd vote for George!  In a year where, here in the UK and looking across the pond - the US too, we seem to be governed by the least of us I can't help but feel a little warm tug at my heart strings at Mr Takei putting himself out there.  He's been a voice of reason, as a talking head on many political shows for a few years now and has proven to be a positive rolemodel in his activism.  That he'd be challenging Nunes next year is surely him putting his sharp sense of humour to work too.

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Sadly, this has turned out to be a April Fool's joke.  There is a post of  his showing him holding up a sign that reads "Gotcha!"

But I wholly agree.  If I was a legal voter in California, in the appropriate congressional district, I'd vote for him.  As that case is, I'm a legal voter in Florida, some 2500 miles from there.  Don't think that my support, although likely welcomed by Mr. Takei, would be valid.

Can dream though.

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