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From Trick to Treat Book II


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“That’s better than the first three months when he only sat there staring straight ahead,” commented Radesh.

“Definitely,” agreed Rogan laying a hand in sympathy on Zander’s shoulder as he passed. “At least he feeds once in while now as well.”

“True but I want my Zane back,” lamented Zander as he turned and followed the werewolves into the cave where the four had lived since leaving the village in Andorra.


About five minutes into his routine Zander made a turn with a block and found himself twirling around in the air. When he turned far enough to see his floating boyfriend there was a small smile on Zane’s face. He made a come here gesture and Zander felt himself glide towards the cute face of his lover. When he got closer Zane set the book aside and leaned forward to give Zander a light kiss on the lips. Zander leaned in himself for a second kiss then looked at the book.


Zane pushed back on Zander putting him in a supine position and followed until he was lying on top with both still hovering near the top of the cave. The diminutive blonde vampire began to make out with his boyfriend with unbridled passion. This went on for several minutes until they heard the clearing of a throat and a chuckle from below.

“Looks like he got his Zane back,” Radesh remarked to Rogan, both still chuckling at the two lovers.

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