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Welcome to Halpin Hope Issue One

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[Special Note: The new website is now live. As a result the links throughout this thread are invalid except for the latest posting to the thread. All of Ellio Lee stories can now be found at Ellio Lee]

Ellio Lee

Welcome to Halpin Hope

Prologue – Chapters 1 - 5

Edited by Zach Caldwell
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I want to apologies to the author Ellio and our members. Due to an accident on my part the original threads were deleted. The accident did present an opportunity to restructure the layout to reflect how the author is presenting his stories. If you posted a reply about this thread and it since disappeared, I am humbly sorry and hope you consider reposting your thoughts on this story.

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  • Zach Caldwell changed the title to Welcome to Halpin Hope Issue One

No problem accidents do happen.

The story is totaly enjoyable and well worth the read. Doylar and Kibu is a wonderful pair indeed. Their relationship was jusr starting when it ended abruply. Doylar was left at home as Kibu returned with his seed to the mainland. When the story starts once more alot of questions we had may be cleared up. If you enjoy a young love with a twest you will like this one.

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Hey @Zach Caldwell.  No worries man, worse things happen at sea and all that.  If you are really feeling it though I find the best way to assuage misplaced guilt is with cake.  Lemon or pecan maple will always score extra positive karma. :) Seriously though man, not a problem.  Cheers for the heads up and the sweet new set-up.

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