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Between the Push and Pull by Hudson Bartholomew

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Ryan's life is simple and uncomplicated, despite the fact that he earns a living as a gay porn actor. When fellow actor Erik recruits Ryan for a new porn movie, Ryan reluctantly agrees. The lines between reality and make-believe quickly blur as their on screen chemistry moves off screen, and Ryan and Erik are left trying to decipher what is real. That is the introduction to a newly published book.

It's refreshing and interesting to read a book which has a different subject matter and unusual setting. Nothing matches that description more closely than Between the Push and Pull by Hudson Bartholomew. Whilst it is difficult to get to know the protagonists, especially given Ryan's predilection for anonymity, epitomised by a deportment which consists of minimalist conversation, we do over time eventually get to know a little about him. His character progresses in depth as the relationship between him and Erik progresses, both on and off screen. 

As you might expect in a story centred in the world of online pornography, there are some hot graphic scenes of sex. Perhaps these on stage performances are made even more real by the feelings that seem to be developing between the two lead actors.

The book is being published one chapter a week, and at the time of writing this we are nine chapters and almost 30k words into the story.
If you want to catch up and read this very entertaining book, then here is the link (it's hosted on GA):

Between the Push and Pull by Hudson Bartholomew

(Reviewer note: this book is about the porn industry, it is not a porno novel)

Additional note: the book is complete, the final chapter was a brilliant end, beautiful and poetic. A sequel is in preparation.


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