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Thank you so much for the kind words.

We had attempted to make a guide in which order to read but found that it was purely subjective. There really isn't a logical order except I always recommend you start with the Title story Revolutions as that sets the tone and back ground, after that you can bounce around anywhere you want.

As for Bucky and Adam, I am sorry this was done not only to show the impact of war and the harshness of reality, this incident will be used later to push certain characters and challenge their resolve.

We have already received a few tongue lashing and the only thing I can say is this type of event is the hardest for an author to write and we do not enjoy it any more than you enjoy reading it.


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I would have to say, that keep it all in some semblance of order is a big task.  For the authors it takes a lot of work and constant communications between us.  But and it's a big but, it is also the editors who work behind the scenes to help keep everything straight for us.  With content editors and continuity editor and editor editors and English professor editors, and punctuation experts, etc, going over every chapter of every story with a fine tooth comb, it would be well nigh impossible to keep the stories straight.  Even with all of that, sometimes a last minute rewrite is needed to keep it in line with the rest of the stories.  We work hard along with the editors to make sure that one author doesn't write something that messes up another's story.

A big part is lots of communications in the background helps us to make it work.

I'm glad you enjoy them and as Ken said you are not the first who has given us a tongue lashing for things like that. 

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