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As my first post here, it is a little bit of a peeve.


The library has facilities for all authors to add a synopsis of their work per title.

It seems that many choose to ignore this feature, I have to ask why..


If I want to read a story, then I have an idea of what type I want to read at the time, but, if I have to read through parts of each story to get a plot overview, then I am unlikely to bother reading that authors work.


my time, like the authors and many others is a vaulable comodity I prefer not to waste, I will therefore head off to check the stories out that interest my whoch have a synopsis available over stories that don't.


Please Authors, for your work to be read by a greater audience, put a brief synopsis to allow easier choice.


Thank you.



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I did write a Synopsis of Three Finger Cove-Collin and submitted it but my guess it got lost in the setting up of my story.  I've recently resubmitted it and now it is up to David, or someone else, to review it to ensure it meets the requirements and post it or send it back with corrections/suggestions.  At least I tried. 


BTW, if you haven't begun reading Three Finger Cove-Collin, I ask you to give it a chance.  It might be a bit 'rough' in the beginning, since it is my 'first' story, but I am sure you will enjoy the story of the trials Collin must endure as he recovers from his loss and kidnapping while finding both the older and younger brothers he always wanted. 





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