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Jamie (Can you spare a quater)

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This was posted on Nifty, and I am bringing it here.  Jamie was an author hosted on the Castle in the past.  No matter the reasons that made us part ways, he was someone that will truly be missed within the castle family. 



Approximately fourteen years ago I began writing this story.  It was clearly
the work of an amateur, well-intentioned but amateur nonetheless.  I always
promised the young fellow it was about that some day I would do a better job
of it.  I finally completed that effort this (2016) spring, but the revised
version was given only limited release as I did it primarily as a gift to him.

For those that may remember the story and the young fellow it is about, I
regret to have to inform you all that 'Jamie' died on Sunday November 6, 2016.
He was stricken with cancer in his stomach.  The symptoms came on suddenly and
without warning, and it was over before much could be done.  To say that I and
everyone else are shattered does not even begin to touch the matter.  Any
light in the world for me has gone out.

In his honour and his memory I now release the revised/expanded version.

Can You Spare A Quarter

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This news saddens me greatly.  I did not know Jamie as well as I would have liked.  I did have some private correspondence with him and was hoping to help him develop his writing.  He had a keen insight into the mind of wounded children, having survived similar wounds himself.  He also was a person who I thought had great promise at storytelling.  It was a joy for me to see his own forays into the fantasy writing genre, and I really wanted to see where his vision went.  It was a shock and blow to me when he left the Castle, and when Tigerpaw choose to leave as well, in support of the young man who for all intents and purposes was his son.

So it pains me deeply to hear of Jamie's sudden turn of bad health and how quickly the cancer took him.  Having worked with cancer patients in the past, I know it can be unpredictable at times, the things that push the disease.  How it spreads.  How easy a diagnosis of one type may mask another type also present.  I do not know the details of Jamie's case, nor do I profess to be able to diagnose such.  I can only hope that his pain was minimal and his passing, while tremendously sad, was not drawn out.

Rest in peace, Jamie.  We all mourn you.  And we, those who read and enjoyed your story, who honor your life and your Dad's literary gift to us all, will miss you.  We also grieve with Tigerpaw, who is as always a gentleman, a kind soul, and one of the most compassionate persons I've heard of.  We respect your decision, sir, and we hope that more people will read your story and learn of the remarkable young man you saved from a life few of us could ever imagine surviving.  You are not alone, Tigerpaw.

Peace, Jamie.  You will be missed.

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