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I can't believe it!


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Donald Robert Ashwood-Trump won the election!


I never understood how the generation of my grandparents could vote for the NSDAP after all they had said before.

I still can't understand  but now I see that things DO happen. Honestly I didn't imagine people could be that stupid. While I don't trust Mrs. Clinton an ounce, at least she didn't openly propagate WWIII...

While I considered moving to Florida after my retirement this isn't going to happen now. Not only because I don't want to live amoung people who voted for Mr. Ashwood, but also because I most likely won't live long enough to retire.


I'm really scared...


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I will post this here. Make of it what you will. They say history has a way of repeating itself.

Here is a tidbit to think about. The last time the Republican controlled the White House, Congress and the Senate was 1928. The Great Depression lasted from 1929 - 1939. Let's hope this is not a case of history repeating itself.

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I know i should just keep my mouth shut.... i know i shouldn't get involved... but.. well.. i can't help it. 

Please understand, from the beginning, i do NOT like Trump.  He's an arrogant, self centered, bloviator.... but then again, i think i just described almost everyone in Washington DC.  The thing is, he is also brilliant.  He figured out early on that the American people are pissed off because of the way things are.  He knew that a large portion of American's were crying out for something different, and he gave it to them.  The people were so pissed at the status quo, so disgusted with how things have been done in the past 20+ years, that they would give the guy a pass on almost anything, (which they did) if he kept telling them that he would 'Make America Great Again'. 

Thats the funny thing that a whole lot of the main stream media, and the political pundits STILL don't get.  The American People, like it or not, resent being told how to think, how to act, and how to live.  For the past 20+ years, that's exactly what's happened, and Trump was able to convince people that he will change it.  Only time will tell.  This Politically Correct culture that has sprung up in our society makes some people feel good, but frankly it pisses a lot of other people off.  That's yet another thing that Trump figured out, and ran on.  in other words, like the man or not, agree with what he says or not, you can NOT disagree that he was very smart in how he ran his campaign. 

One thing i do want to clear up, before ANYONE says differently.  this does NOT mean that everyone, or even a large percentage of the people that voted for Trump are bad people... are, sexist, racist, xenophobic.. ect...  Most are not, and i take GREAT exception to the broad brush people use on that.  the plain and simple fact is that a lot of people felt that they had a chance for change with Trump, and that Clinton was not change.  The real problem i see is those protesting, and wanting to change the outcome of the election.  I am sorry, but to me, unless there is solid proof that the election was somehow tampered with, changing the result is a slap in the face to every man and woman who has ever served our country.  is a slap in the face to every person who was ever stood up, put their hand over their heart, and said, 'I Pledge Allegiance..." 

Finally, I will say this.  We need to give this man a chance, but, as the old saying goes... Trust but verify.  We, as American's must remember that this Mr. Trump will soon be the head of a Government that was formed 'of the people, by the people, and for the people'.  I don't like hearing the shit about 'not my president'.  Sorry, you are an American, he will be your president.  You can either whine about it, or you can make sure to hold him, and everyone else in government responsible for what they have done.  One final fact that shocked me when i read it.  there are about 231 million voting age people in the US.  This last election only saw 134 million votes cast.  Meaning almost 100 million people said that they did not care enough to vote.  THAT needs to change as well. 

Okay, i think i have given everyone here, more than enough ammunition to fire back at me.  Just please, all i ask that you take out of what i said is that we, as a country, have only one true option here, and that is to come together, as a people, and hold those that we elect, accountable to what we desire.  The big money people can't hold all of us down if we are united, unfortunitly, they are very good at making it so that people can not, and will not even talk to someone that may have a different opinion.  That is the real crime our government has given us.

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I don't get it. How did he win? He insulted women,veterans, the disabled, and the minority.How is it he won? I call foul. There's something wrong here.How many red necked idiots are there in the United States? Do you people REALLY think you can trust Trump? I think we're all in deep trouble. A mad man is running the country. I think somebody should take a closer look at the election. The impossible just happened. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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I have resisted making comments here, and not because I thought the Trump candidacy was a farce.  Like so many people in this country, from the entire sweep of our national political spectrum, we have been stunned by the results of the election.  I'm going to say these things here once, then sit back and watch what happens.

First, I am an American.  I want my country to do well.  To this end, even if the next president is not my choice, he's still my president.  If you wanted to protest the things Mr. Trump had to say during the election, you should have done so with your vote.  If you voted third party, you helped Trump win.  If you didn't vote for either as a protest vote, you also helped Trump win.  If you are a Democrat and didn't vote for Hillary, you helped Trump win.  Get Over It!  The outcome has been determined and the election is over.  Barking up trees about something that has happened that you didn't like doesn't change what is going to happen.

Secondly, we have lots of problems in this country.  Actual, physical, financial, policy problems.  Congress has for the longest time obstructed President Obama's policies despite claiming that he needs to "show leadership" which is a buzz word for "take the blame if it fails and honor us if it succeeds."  We all know this.  Now, President-Elect Trump will have "party" allies in the other major instruments of government.  That blocking needs to end.  If they have the voter given mandate from the people, then they need to get off their asses, together, and actually GOVERN for a change instead of sit on their hands and let the country go to pot.

Third, and probably most important is that we need to be vigilant.  A loyal opposition party does not necessarily mean obstruction.  Keep your eyes on all politicians, those you like and those you question.  Keep your eyes on the media, both sides.  Keep your eyes on how our allies and enemies deal with our leadership.  And definitely remember that while you may not agree with the American's on your right or left at Thanksgiving dinner, you are at the same table for a reason.  It is every citizens duty to vote for representatives to our government as well as to hold those representatives to a higher standard.  It is also our duty as citizens to remember that we all want what we think is best for the country.  Half the time, half of us are right.  We should listen, evaluate, discuss and envision how changes in our country will affect all of us, with an open mind and a critical eye.  Reason, Logic, Compassion, and Common Sense should be our guides.  Not just stomping our feet and disagreeing.

By the same token, using governmental power for political effect is a crime tantamount to treason, in my opinion.  Those that use their position to such an end should be treated as criminals and disqualified from public service.  And yes, that applies to those of my prefered party as well as those I oppose on political grounds.

So, while i am not happy about the outcome of the election, in my nightly job I saw all the yard signs.  I had worries that the pollsters had it wrong as well.  But the election is over.  The people have spoken.  And after the holidays, we shall install a new government.  These are facts.   I am optimistic.  Mr. Trump has earned the right to do what he thinks is right for all of us.  I hope he has the wisdom to do so.  We shall see.  But let's be completely honest, the fight to get the job is over, now he has to prove he can do it.  Enough of us thought he could, apparently, so he's got four to prove it.  For the good of the country, I hope he succeeds.  Because we have seen what hoping the president will fail has done to all of us.

And i am watching Congress with as keen an eye as I have on Mr. Trump.  Keep them on your radar as well.

We are all in this together.  He is our president.  These are our governing officials.  We have serious challenges.  It is time to see where this road leads us.

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I am of the belief that the fact that Trump's supporters are being called "idiots" means that half of America does not truly understand the other half. Which is possibly due to the fact that they live in echo chambers of their construction (for example, if you prune all of your right-leaning friends from your social network, how can you expect to understand their points of view, or how many of them there really are?).

But admittedly I am pretty stunned by the results, and I'm not even a  American :)

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I was never a supporter of President Obama.  Note I say President Obama.  This is something Ken Barber always said, since he is president, he should be addressed that way and I agree.  If I met him, no matter my personal feelings about him, I would address him as President Obama.  I never liked him nor how he governed as President.  He was in my opinion one of the most divisive Presidents, but that is just my opinion.  But he was my President.  At no time did I ever consider him not my President.  I may not have liked him nor his policies, but he was my President.  If I was still in the military he would have been my Commander in Chief.  Because he was duly and lawfully elected our President he was our President. 

I will also say that I believe people like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell were just as divisive.  I think it was kind of chicken shit for Congress not to have at least held hearings about Merrick Garland.  Whether he was confirmed or not as a part of SCOTUS the hearings should have been held.

Now we are seeing a lot of young people whining and yes it is whining because they didn't get their way.  And one other thing that frosts me about this, most of them did not even vote.  I have seen multiple interviews with those protesting and most of the ones I've seen say they did not vote.  As far as I'm concerned, if you don't vote, then don't complain.  You didn't take part in the process as every person who is 18 or older should, then you got what you asked for and whining about it doesn't change that.  So get over it, Donald Trump like it or not is the next President.

Before this election, the Democratic Party was fine with the Electoral College and didn't think it needed to be changed.  Now they are all whining, again yes they are whining, that we need to scrap the Electoral College.  Trump said it should be scrapped and in his recent interview he still holds that feeling, even thought it did help him win, he still thinks it should be scrapped, but currently it is Constitutional Law.  For it to be scrapped it needs 2/3rds of the House and Senate and 3/4ths of the states to ratify the Constitutional change.  Extremely difficult to get done, but doable.

There is no way that I would ever vote for Secretary Clinton.  In fact I wanted John Kasich as the nominee for the GOP.    I would have preferred him over Trump.  However, if she had been elected, I have no doubt there would not have been rioting by Trump supporters because she won.  They would not have liked it, but she would have been the next President whether we like it or not.

I never have and never will trust her.  I believe she is in it only for the power.  She believed she was entitled to it because her last name was Clinton.  She is dishonest and cares only for the power.  She has proven multiple times that she will lie to get her way.  The so called sniper attack in Bosnia, never happened. She was not running for safety, she was calming accepting flowers from young girls.  She cried out that she was going to close the down the coal mines, but when confronted by them, she lied about that.  She talked about what Trump said about women, but she scathingly attacked the women that her husband cheated with.  So her words against those women were just as bad as Trumps words.  She gave a little chuckle after getting a child rapist off, because that's that law.  Any usual woman would have done one of two things after being married to someone who cheated on her as much as he did and that is either pull a Lorena Bobbit or divorced him.  She knew he was her path to power and stayed with him for that.  So no, I would never vote for her even for city dogcatcher.

When President Clinton talked in congress about how important deportation and raids on employers who hire illegal immigrants, he got a standing ovation from Congress in the 1990's.  When Trumps says it, he's racist.  Sorry you can't have it both ways, but that is the way of the Clintons.  They say what gives them the most power and if it contradicts what they said at another time, then they seem to believe we are too stupid for them to worry about what they say.  They also think that the average person is too dumb to govern themselves without someone like the Clinton's to tell them how to live.

So yes, Trump is the next president and he is everyone's president for the next four years

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Let me be upfront and say that I detest Piers Morgan, for many reasons. Reasons that should I say them, many of you would brand me as a right wing reactionary. However, since even a broken clock is correct twice a day, I have to give credit where credit is due.


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