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Sands of Time, Prolouge (Part of the Kandric Universe)

Emperor Roland

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I decided to throw this up here, and see what people think.  This is the prolouge to book 1, which has been completed.  The Series will be called the Sands of Seandra, of which, the Sands of TIme is the title to book one.  Please let me know what you all think of it.  









Xavier watched the fight below him, his rage seething with every passing moment. He was hidden with in the clouds, flying over the capital city of the Seandra Kingdom. His kingdom. His father was King now, but after the death of his elder brother, Xavier was the Crown Prince. Although at this moment, he doubted he would have a Kingdom left to rule.

He banked hard, so he could keep the fight directly below him. The Brown Dragons had invaded his home many years ago, and had slowly beat the Seandrain Forcers back, until all that remained not in their control was the Capital itself. And now, the great city was in danger of being over run with the Browns and their minions.

Below him, his Father, a Legendary Echelon Sorcerer, and the greatest of the Sand Dragons in the Kingdom of Seandra, fought hard to protect the city. Thousands of Orcs, Gnolls, and other creatures fell beneath his spells, claws, and horrible breath weapon. But the Dark Mage allies of the Browns were busy animating the dead, only to send them back into the battle.

King Rathort had forbidden Xavier from joining this battle. Not only was Xavier the last of the Seandra line, but he was still young, only being barely a teenager in equivalent years. Xavier would not, could not defy his father, so he stayed high in the clouds, concealing himself from those below.

It appeared that his father had gained the upper hand, as the line of attacks broke.  The survivors started to flee, knowing that they stood no chance against the Great King Rathort.

Then, from the trees behind the enemies lines, six large Great Dragons took to the air. Xavier felt true fear then. Had they been mere True Dragons, over even the smaller Warrior Dragons, he would not be worried, but these were Greats. None of them were near the size and strength of King Rathort, but it was still six on one.

Xavier watched for what seemed like hours, but, in reality was only about ten minutes, as the six battled the King. For a while Xavier believed that his father could actually defeat all six of them. He had already felled three of them, and had just snapped the neck of the fourth when the Great King was forced to the ground by the remaining two. They had sacrificed their companion so they could force King Rathort down.

Xavier knew that grounded his father was at a horrible disadvantage. His roar was cut off before it could escape as he folded his wings, and fell towards the ground. He may have been a young Dragon, but Xavier was still a Great. Easily the size of fully mature Warrior Dragons, the most common of Dragons.

He twisted his body only as he fell, making sure he lined up on his target as he fell. Below him, one of the Dragons was on the ground fighting with the King, while the other was maneuverings to attack Xavier's father from above and behind. That Dragon was Xavier's target, and the only thing Xavier focused on. He was in what was known to the Dragons as a Death Dive. He had already gained enough speed to where even he wanted to pull up, to attempt to do so could easily snap his wings. Not that he cared. He only had one thought on his mind. His father.

The Great Brown was just about to attack when Xavier slammed into him. The combination of Xavier's near thousand kilogram body, and the velocity he had attained during his death dive, snapped the Brown’s back, and wings like twigs. Xavier did not even feel the damage it did to his own body, which was significant. The Brown twisted its huge head to try and snap its jaws into Xavier, but the young Great Dragon was prepared. He drew a deep breath, and let loose with his devastating Sand Blasting Breath Weapon. The scales on the Brown’s face dissolved under the blast of sand that came out of Xavier's mouth. By the time they hit the ground, the face of the Brown, was nothing but pieces of skin, and bone.

The crater that they two of them created when they hit the ground was easily five meters deep. The Orcs, Gnolls, and undead that were charging back at the now grounded king, flew backwards at the impact. At least the ones that were not under the Brown when it hit the ground.

Xavier has hurt, hurt badly, but still alive. Beyond any reasonable thought, Xavier was able to totally ignore all of his injuries as he came out of the crater, and went straight after the other Great Brown. Somewhere deep in Xavier's mind, well behind the fog of righteous rage that controlled him at the moment, saw his father laying there, gravely injured. However, all that Xavier was focused on was the Great that now stood before him. The roar the tore out of Xavier's throat reverberated off the breached city walls, and the mountain that the City was built into.

Even the Great Brown that stood before him took a step back at the roar, and the blast of sand that accompanied it. All the invaders that had just begun to pick themselves up, were torn to shreds, as Xavier cleared the path to the Brown.

Xavier couldn't fly. He shouldn't have been able to move. But he did. As quickly as he could, he covered the distance between him and the final Great Brown. The Brown outweighed Xavier by nearly twice. The brown was old, and powerful. But in Xavier's Death Rage, he did not see how much older the Brown was. He did not, could not care about that. What gripped Xavier, was something known only to a few, the Dragon's Death Rage. All Xavier could care about right now was tearing his enemy limb from limb. If that cost him his own life, then so be it.

The Brown tried to flee. Even as old and powerful as it was, it did not want to face any Dragon that was in a Death Rage, especially a Great. He tried to take to the air, but was unable to. Even with as injured as Rathort was, he was still strong enough to lash out with his claws, and rip huge gashes into the Brown's right wing.

The Brown roared in pain, spun to face the injured King, and was about to petrify the fallen King with his own breath weapon, but Xavier lunged through the air, and slammed into the great before it could.

Xavier's claws ripped into the somewhat soft underside of the Brown, causing it to scream in pain yet again. However, the Brown saw the opening and took it. It's huge jaw snapped into Xavier exposed flank, tearing a large chunk of Xavier's left flank out, and causing serious damage to the already wounded Prince.

Xavier though never felt a thing, too far gone into the Death Rage to even feel pain, Xavier, lunged, and clamped his jaws around the huge Brown’s neck. With a giant yank, Xavier ripped the Brown’s throat out of it's neck, at the same time, his claws raked across the Brown’s face, destroying both of the Brown’s eyes. The Brown was dead before its giant body crashed into the ground. Xavier roared in victory as he stood over the body of the Great Brown.

A moment later though, with the target of his Death Rage on the ground beneath him, reality slammed back into Xavier. He stumbled, now able to feel every single injury he had. It took all of his willpower to not fall to the ground, there. Carefully, gingerly, he moved over to where his father lay, intent on getting to his father before either of them died. He had just reached his father's side when he heard the trumpets of the enemy blare. He looked up just in time to see the tree line erupt with screaming and running Orcs, Gnolls and many other type of monster races.

Xavier turned, and stood in front of his father, knowing full well that he would fall, but he would take many of them with him before a single one of them touched his father. The sounds of the Enemy charging hid the noise from behind and Xavier didn't know that his friends, leading the rest of the Cities troops, were rushing to their aid.

"SYTH! DROP THE CASTERS!" Garnet roared out as he flew over the charging War Steeds.

"GARNET! We are not going to make it, give us time!" Olpha cried out as she readied a spell. They were two far away from Xavier. The Enemy would get there first.

Garnet dropped his head, and pumped his wings. The young Warrior Dragon took off with a roar of challenge to those who would dare to attack his King, his Prince, and most importantly, his Bonded Blood Brother. He flew low, right over Xavier's left shoulder, and blasted away with his Breath weapon, while at the same time grabbing up as many Orcs and Gnolls as he could with his claws. Dropping his wing, Garnet spun in place, then threw them into their allies. He saw a spell caster ready a spell, but before the Mage could, an arrow drove through its throat.

Garnet flapped his wings hard, gaining altitude, and watch as the horses passed underneath him. Two of their group, a Garm Dwarf, Malachi leapt from the back of the horse, slamming his spiked shield into three Gnolls, while his axe, took off the head or a large Orc. Thane, the Animal Adept Alphar Elf, dove into a crowd of enemy, swinging his Mace in a desperate attempt to drive the invaders back from the two wounded Dragon. Deep down he knew that he may fall this day, but truth be told, he would die happily. Knowing his death may help his Prince, and his King escape.

He ducked under a mighty swing, bringing his mace up and slamming the underside of a Gnoll’s jaw, with as much power as he could put into to. The Gnoll stumbled back before falling. His jaw completely destroyed.

He felt something whiz by his head, and spun in time to see an arrow sink deep into the flesh of another Gnoll warrior that was trying to attack him. He knew Sythanel, his Drow friend, and expert Archer was watching out for him. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a burst of fire erupt in the middle of the Orc line, driving many of them back.

Lucas took a deep breath as the effects of his most powerful spell made its presence known. The spell took a lot out of him, but he knew between himself and Olpha his Halfling girlfriend, and fellow Mage, they needed to do their best to augment the fighting with magic.

Garnet, having had the time to shift into one of his secondary forms, that of a Sand Dragonling, was suddenly next to Xavier. His chained scythe spinning quickly, before lashing out and crushing the skull of an orc that got to close. "My Prince. You look worse than the backside of a fire cat. Fall back, the Mages will teleport you and the King back into the palace!" Garnet grinned for a brief moment before he stepped forward, swinging the ball again. This time wrapping it around the wrist of a sword wielding enemy. With a mighty pull, he yanked the enemy close to him, only to slam the blade of his scythe in it's neck.

Xavier turned just as he felt the spell go off. Behind him, where his father had lay, there was now nothing. The Royal Mage ran up to him, already muttering the arcane phrase. Before Xavier could do more than open his mouth, he found himself back in the palace. An old and powerful Shaman there waiting to heal his wounds. "Father first!" Xavier demanded.

King Rathort though shook his head while he spoke. "No. My time is near, and your time is short...." His voice drowned out in coughs. When he could speak again, his voice was soft and raspy. "You and your friends must prepare. It is time for you to flee."

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