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The Votes Are In!

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Here it is, Hero Fans.  The voting period has ended and the votes have been tallied, tabulated, shaken, stirred and checked for any suspicious Chad persons hanging about.  And, the results are in.  First of all, congratulations to the entrants for their fine work.  Also, I would like to thank all of you who read and took the time to answer our survey questions.  Your feedback is important to the authors and I'm sure they appreciate it immensely.  

And now, after carefully checking the results and tabulating, we have our placings.  In Third Place, with the story Elements of Revenge, Castle Roland author Jandar Tyr.  In second place, with the story A Fearsome Foursome, Castle Roland author Parker Sheaffer.  And our contest winner, with the story Innil and Garil, Castle Roland author Jeikor.

Congratulations and Keep Reading, Keep Writing and watch this space.  Authors are busy writing ghoulish stories right now for our annual Halloween Contest.

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I have often wished for a power like Damien's, the ability to psychically induce diarrhea in people who are in my way. It seems like a good way to make people move a bit more quickly. So I had to laugh when I realized that in this contest I am number two.

Actually, I liked both other stories better than mine.

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