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Hero Contest Polling and Comments

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We have received three story entries for our Hero Contest. You will find three threads titled Story 1, Story 2 and Story 3. Please take time and read each of the three stories. When you click on any of the stories (Story 1, Story 2 or Story 3) you will see a poll with five questions and multiple answers. Scroll below the poll to find the story. Once you have read the story you can return to the stop of the page and answer the poll questions. Please be sure to do this. Each polling answer has a point value to it. The total points at the end of the two week polling period will determine which story has won the Hero Contest.

You all may also use this thread to leave comments about the stories. Please do not comment in the actual story threads. Thank you for your time and happy reading to you all and good luck to the authors who have submitted a story.

Quick Links to our submitted stories:


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I have noticed a lot of viewing and therefore I am assuming reading of the three stories submitted but not a lot of voting. Please take a moment or two to vote after reading. The authors count on your votes not only to win but as feedback for their writing.

They would also appreciate any comments you wish to make about their stories. Please use this forum to make any comments you have for the authors. You can refer to them by story number or title. It would help the authors greatly in knowing where they succeeded and where they need to work on future stories.


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