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I just finished reading "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" and I liked it. It was a fun read, but what struck me as most interesting was that the author, Ransom Riggs, took a lot of very strange old photos and made the story around them, and used them as illustrations for that story. It struck me as an admirable way to get inspiration when one is stuck for an idea. I have at times looked at a single photo and tried to imagine the story behind it, and that was often fun, so I might try to take it further.

I once had an idea that I could ask my friends to tell me their most embarrassing experience and I would try to weave them together into a comic story about a single unlucky character. It started off well with things such as someone waking up in a stranger's bed after a drunken evening and finding that his denture was no longer in his mouth but lost somewhere among the sheets, or secretly listening at a door only to have it fall open. Unfortunately I never got much beyond gathering the anecdotes before I was overcome with a fit of laziness and never continued.

Still, this could be a good thing for someone else to do. Armistead Maupin did it in "Tales of the City". Anyway, I just thought I would toss this idea out there in case anyone likes it.


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