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September 11th 15 Years Later

Zach Caldwell

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yeah, it was unbelievable for me too that time.

for us in germany it was at the afternoon / evening as it happend. some friend from usa said a plane hit the tower. and i? what??? went into our students home tv room and switched on. and saw it. fetched all my student friends from my floor and we watched totally stunned tv. then the 2nd hit and it was clear that is no accident.

and in the middle of a life interview in front of the towers (blending in) suddenly the top vanished out of the picture and the moderator turned totally aghast seeing what happens. the first tower crashed. and then also the 2nd did.

and then the news about 2 more planes, 1 into the pentagon and 1 somewhere in neverland in the try to be taken back by the passengers.

that was really horrible. and unbelievable. at this day nobody cud know what consequences this wud have till today.

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