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Messing Around with Photoshop


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I was re-reading the Kandric Saga, and found this passage:


Cam'ris gave Vondum an odd look and held up his left arm, "Um, right here." Seeing a bemused stare from the big man and not wanting to annoy him in the slightest, he added, "This is my rank plate, sir." The youngster's hand moved up to his bracer.

In the center of the bracer there was a copper rectangle with an insignia of a howling wolf in the middle, only this one didn't have chevrons or slashes like Vondum expected to see in a Guild pin. Instead it had a twin border around it with six diamond shape marks coming off the inner line all pointing inward. The outer line had the look of interwoven symbols which were mixed with what appeared to be some kind of lettering, possibly old Elvish, combined with stars while the inner line was just a raised thin line.

So, I decided to mess around with the copper rectangle!

The copper texture is courtesy of manoluv at Deviant Art. The Elvish font is "Tengwar Noldor" by Daniel Steven Smith, and the howling wolf was taken from Dragoart.com.

Kyle Aarons Insignia.png

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So, I decided to go for another one.

General Waviked moved up and showed Vondum his shoulder patch, which was very similar. There was a difference however, for Waviked's was made out of gold, plus had the pair of swords over a shield insignia surrounded by five raised lines. The outer four were interlocked long thin triangles mixed with anvils while the innermost was a single line with seven diamonds pointing inward. 

This was way more challenging -- I have no idea how interlocked long thin triangles mixed with anvils worked (plus four of these lines!). So I probably butchered it. Sorry, Kyle!


  1. Gold Texture: PSDGraphics.com
  2. Anvil: Clipartpanda.com
  3. Swords and Shield: Freevectors.com (edited to remove ribbon)


Kyle Aarons Gold Insignia 2.png

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Last one of the old school logos! Description as follows:

The metal spot on the belt was made of gold and had five lines bordering twin crossed swords, but instead of a shield behind the swords, there was a skeleton. The four outer lines had pine trees followed by fish while the inner line was solid with three diamond pointing toward the center insignia.

I am making the following assumptions:

  1. The metal spot is rectangular (it could easily be triangular or any polygonal shape)
  2. Kyle meant a full skeleton instead of a skull.
  3. There are three pine trees followed by three fish (indicating Outdoorsman, I assume?)


  1. Gold texture by PSDGraphics
  2. Sword traced from Sword of Hope by Clipartbest.com
  3. Skeleton from Clipart Panda


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